Sunday, December 11, 2016

His Menthol Magic!

He left a huge Menthol in my head...
I can feel its fumes...
I can feel its cold...
Oh My! He left a huge menthol in my head!

His Menthol Magic is on...
Its on... its on... Its on...
Every second, every moment..
Through day and night its on...
His Menthol Magic is on...

I cook, i dance, I teach , I walk...
His Menthol Magic is on...
I clean, I watch, I read, I love...
His Menthol Magic is on...

These vapours, these fumes, this cool magic would stop....
I Know!
Yes, I do know!
But till it lasts..
Its Magic time..
Menthol Magic..
His Divine Chime!

Saturday, December 10, 2016

I venture on my Journey!

Closing the windows and locking the doors...
I venture on my journey!
Slowly Steadily, without any baggage..
I venture n my journey!

I meet my pals.. who wave and smile
I still venture on my journey..
I smile at them and wave good bye
And venture on my journey!

Some hold me back, some prick my back...
Still I venture on my journey..
Some slow me down with vain complaints
Still I venture on my journey!

The path unfolds, with gifts umpteen..
As I venture on my journey
They transform me.. they transport me
As I venture on my journey...

I am on.. I am on.. I am still on..
In that blissful journey
Alone.. not lonely.. But Blissfully lone...
I venture on my journey...!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Don't be so Proud!

Hey You!, Don't be so proud..
Don't think you have tasted the nectar...
What you tasted is just the starter..
Before the Main course...
So don't be so proud...!

The lapse between the starter and the Nectar...
Is not gonna be smooth..
So, Hey you! don't be so proud!

The occasional ripples on your waters calm!
Can leave you astray or in a storm...
The tides that dance, ebb and fall..
Can tear you apart, can let you fall...
So hey You!, don't be so proud!

With each passing wave..
With passing ripple...
Just stay...
Be Aware...
Tell yourself.. Your Nectar sweet,
Is not that far away...
But Hey You!, Don't Be so proud!

Thursday, November 17, 2016

A perception!!!

To this world..., I am Many!
Each perceive me as a reflection of their own perception...
To one I am Compassionate
To the other Worldly
To another a Lover
To yet other a Mother...
My roles.. Shift and Change
I live in the perception of the Perceiver....
To this world.. I am Many!!!

But who am I .. Underneath all Perceptions?
Who am I?
My nature, My role, the concept of Me...
Is ever changing and Passing..
But who am I ? Underneath all the perceptions...
Who am I?

I am a Perception...
A manifestation of the Absolute...
I am the perception of the Absolute
Just a Perception...A mere Perception ... HIS Divine perception!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Just Love!

Desire to hold on Hurts..
Not True Love...
Desire to own Hurts...
Not True Love..
Desire to conquer Hurts...
Not True Love...

Fear of Losing Hurts...
Not True Love...
Fear of Loneliness Hurts...
Not True Love...

When you recognise You
Why Desire or Fear?
When you relate to You,
Why Desire or Fear?

You are pure Love...
Which embraces your Inner Spaciousness

Love knows no Desire or Fear,
Desire and Fear Hurts...
Not True Love...

Desire No More...
Fear, No More...
Just Love...

Saturday, November 12, 2016

I wait...

I wait... wait for the next...
Knowing fully well, I am here and now
I wait... Wait for the next...

What is this next? I ask...
I shudder from within...
Not knowing what...
I wait... wait for the next...

I pull myself together... and just sit..
Just be in the here and now...
But still... 
I wait... Wait for the next...

This wait has been on for long I know...
Beyond this Life...
How long will this wait go on...?
Not knowing still...
I wait ... Wait for the Next...

Have I lost myself in this Wait?
I know not..
Will I find myself in the beyond...?
I know not...
I wait... Wait for the next...

This wait defines me now.. 
I love that Angst...
I wait in the here and now...
Not knowing for what... For whom...
Still ...
I wait... Wait for the Next...

Friday, September 16, 2016

Hmm... hmm.. Don't Run Away!!!

Let Go... They Say !
Ignore ... They say!
Just forget and move on ... They say

Hmm hmm hmm...

I tell myself..
Let go, Ignore, forget!!
It lingers...

Hmm Hmm Hmm..
What is it  that lingers???
A void... a vacuum... an emptiness...a nothingness!
That leaves me Bland!

Hmm Hmm Hmm...
Don't run away..
Be with It.. that void..
This nothingness has not come to stay!
Its just Life's little Play,
Its just a Visitor, a guest, for a day;
Or may be two...
You are the Host... So just BE..
Don't Run Away!!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Freedom of Bondage!!!

Krishna my love, eternally etched in my heart...
In our bond, I find freedom...

Kahna, my mate, forever haunting my thoughts...
In our dreams, I taste Reality!

Kanaiyya, my shadow, One beyond Reason..
In our dance, I experience Truth

I am your Radhe!... eternally etched in your heart!
I am your Radhe! yearning for her mate,
I am your Radhe! your faithful shadow.

Let our eyes meet... our souls speak..
To drench in the Freedom of Bondage!

Free me from the fetters of  so-called Reality
To drench in the Freedom of Bondage

Free me from the clutches of name, fame and tainted dreams..
To drench in the freedom of bondage

Save me from fake smiles, small talk, drama of life...
To drench in the freedom of bondage!

Be born again in my heart, in my thoughts, in my dreams...
So that I can drench in the Freedom of Bondage!!!

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Ultimate Medication!!!

JUST BE... Without Confrontation
JUST SEE ... Without Interpretation
JUST LOVE... Without Justification
JUST LAUGH...Without Saturation
JUST CRY... Without Clarification

JUST RELAX... With Reflection
JUST SLEEP.. With Satisfaction
JUST EAT... With Satiation
JUST DANCE... With Elation

JUST BE.. . Its Meditation..
Its my Soul's Ultimate Medication!!!

Monday, July 25, 2016

Pause awhile and look within!

When thoughts throng your brain and leave you breathless...
When your heart and pulse rate ascends aimless...
When you hear your heart throbs in your brain..
When you feel your emotions erupt and drain..
When you gulp and feel the pain in your throat...
When your eyes look listless and your feelings bloat..
When you feel left out, behind the crowd...
When your eyes water non stop without doubt...

Pause awhile... and look within... and look beyond till you hear no more...

Pause awhile.. and look within... and look inwards till you feel no more...

Wash out your thoughts... empty your mind...

Befriend yourself... And know that you are never Alone!

Monday, July 4, 2016

Is it wrong to Dream?

"Is it wrong to dream?
Is it wrong to be free?Is it wrong to dream of freedom ?
I ask Thee!!!

I love to dream of freedom...
Freedom to be free from bonds of so-called Love!
Freedom to be free from all false hopes and promises,
Freedom to be ME,
Freedom to be in Glee,
Freedom to soar up high and fly
Freedom to let go and cry!!!

Is it wrong to dream?
Is it wrong to be free?
Is it wrong to dream of freedom?
I gently as Thee!!!

Friday, June 24, 2016

40...Is not just a number!!!

It is 24th June once again and I complete 40 years…. There are umpteen things I am grateful for!!!, for what life has offered me. Jotting down 40 thoughts that just came spontaneously, for which am ever grateful!!!
  • 1.       My loving parents- who make me feel secure
  • 2.       My life partner- who makes me feel special
  • 3.       My first born- who makes me feel blessed
  • 4.       My younger son- who makes me feel loved
  • 5.       My brother- who makes me feel proud
  • 6.       My best friend- who makes me feel myself
  • 7.       Friends in my growing up years- who were reflection of my own self
  • 8.       Friends from around the world- who added more colour and meaning to my life
  • 9.       My cousins and relatives – who teach be the value of family bonding
  • 10.   My girls at Udavum karangal- who teach me the power of touch and the necessity to express
  • 11.   Books- they speak my own thoughts and teach me life lessons
  • 12.   Music-  takes me places
  • 13.   Travel-gives me taste of freedom
  • 14.   Forgiveness-  helps me let go and embrace freedom
  • 15.   Driving- which instills in me a sense of direction
  • 16.   Dance- takes me one step closer to myself
  • 17.   Yoga- an answer to many questions
  • 18.   Moments of silence, reflection, introspection
  • 19.   Elation I experience from creative ideas and choreographies
  • 20.   Hot food on my table after an exhaustive day
  • 21.   Foot massage after a day of hard work
  • 22.   A pat, a hug and a cuddle from a loved one
  • 23.   My teachers from my kindergarten to today who are forever giving
  • 24.   People who help me clean my home, my car and workplace- they make me a better person
  • 25.   All my students who look up to me- they add purpose to my life
  • 26.   My phone – which is an extension of my hand today
  • 27.   Poetry- which are spontaneous expressions of my soul
  • 28.   My institution- which is my charging station
  • 29.   Dairy milk fruit and nut- after lunch… yum!!!
  • 30.   Early mornings before anyone is up—it’s my me time
  • 31.   AC in hot Chennai summers
  • 32.   Unrestricted laughter and freedom I relish with a few
  • 33.   Acts of kindness
  • 34.   Smiles from strangers
  • 35.   Sudden drizzles and walk in the rain
  • 36.   My dancing bells
  • 37.   My fingers on the strings of the veena
  • 38.   Sunrise and chirping of birds
  • 39.   Starry nights
  • 40.   My spirit of youth

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Mythri Memories!

We meet and befriend many people on our life’s journey.  We make deep connections with many who just come and go after teaching us important life lessons. Every connection we make helps us evolve into better individuals. There are some connections we make with certain people at a deeper level. Such connections are made at moments, which cannot be defined or put to words… they are felt.
I am indeed blessed to have such a beautiful connection with a friend. This deep connection occurred after 7 years of friendship, at a blessed moment. This connection deepened after a retreat which helped us connect with oneself and with each other.

We went for a retreat at Pyramid Valley, peaceful, positive, picturesque and placed in the lap of nature.  It was a 4-day retreat from 11th to 14th June. Just to keep a few of these moments alive, here I make memories…by jotting down few of those precious moments.
We were like two carefree souls, on an unplanned journey. We reached Bangalore after a train journey. We just knew the address of the place which was around 40 km away from the railway station. It was drizzling when we reached. It was nice and cool. We walked across to the Majestic bus depot and tried to spot a bus which would take us to our destination. As there was no direct bus. One helpful person who understood our plight helped us into a bus which took us midway. Then we took a shared tempo which dropped us at a main junction which was 2 km away from the pyramid valley. It was 2 in the afternoon, and we were now two hungry and happy souls. There were no vehicles to transport us to Pyramid Valley and so we decided to walk, hoping for a lift. He heard the prayers of two hungry souls and there came a tractor which offered to take us to Pyramid Valley. Excited we jumped on the tractor, alongside the driver and thoroughly enjoyed the bumpy ride. We felt as if we had gone back in time... we were two happy kids.

Pyramid valley was inviting... it was green all round, and meditative music was heard in the air accompanied by the chirps of birds and chitter-chatter of insects. The incessant rain which followed completed the orchestra. We checked into our room, which was our home for the next four days.

We met Master Per who was our guide. His deep eyes spoke volumes, and he bend down to shake hands with each of us greeting and inviting us. His handshake was electrifying and an energy just passed as he looked into our eyes.

The sessions were spaced out in such a way, that it allowed us good time to relax. We connected with ourselves, with nature, with all the flora and fauna around. There were deep conversations, childlike giggles, uninterrupted laughter, taste of unrestricted freedom.  We walked in pouring rain, ran on the untarred roads, danced and sang. We spoke without thinking, and listened without speaking, cried without knowing and laughed out roaring…We meditated in the huge Pyramid, walked to the village temple, tasted oneness in thoughts, words and deeds. Our silences spoke volumes, our smiles bridged gaps in our souls, clasped hands cemented our bond and we knew for sure that we came from the same source… and we were two sides of the same coin. Duality was erased...

After 4 days as the retreat ended, we were to embrace our daily routine again. Before going to our home, we met a few friends, who taught us lessons on joy of giving and joy of loving. It was a trip to remember, a trip which made
us close and opened our hearts.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Light a lamp in your heart!!!

Light a lamp in your heart...
And let it Ever Glow!!!

Light a Lamp in your heart...
And never let it blow!!!

Suffice it with oil...
Oil of warmth and love!!!

Feed it with your spontaneous thoughts...
And Surrender to the Divine Love!!!

Friday, June 3, 2016

Smile with your Soul!!!!

Till the other day, I knew that your Smile will enhance your personality.. It is the best ornament you can wear. It is free...!!!

Then yesterday, I learnt to smile with my heart!  Definition of my smile change. It was not just an ornament you wear!, it was your inner reflection!.. Your smile defined you and your relationship with the world. 

Today, I learnt to smile with my soul... and I was once again forced to redefine the definition of Smile.Smile was not just an ornament, it was not just a reflection of your character, .. it was just You!!!It defined a connection with yourself and with the Supreme. Your smile was your freedom..

My various degrees of smiles also helped me place people whom I came across as just a Passerby,  a good friend ... or my kindred spirit !!!

Sunday, May 8, 2016

I am a spider...

I am a spider dangling happily in my web above,
My we carved out from those fluids called Love,
I just dangle there spreading my web above,
 Relishing all that HE gives and
Spreading my Vibes of Love...

My precious Gem!!!

He gave me a gem, a very precious gem..
 He told me, "Keep it safe..., Its for you , especially for you,
Wear it around your neck, it will glow up your face,
Wear it on your finger, it will fill you with grace,
Wear it on your forehead, you will no more have to dread
Wear it in your heart, it will brighten all Instead"

That gem did its Magic... It glowed up,
My heart, my life and others too..

Then something felt amiss, I knew not what,
Yes, the gem! My precious gem! Oh My! It is lost...

I cant remember when I misplaced my gem...Or lost it God knows where...
I retrieved into my very own den.. 
It was dark, gloomy wet around..
I knew not where to go..
I only knew to cry instead and pray to rid  my woe...

He heard my prayers and came to me, with that very precious gem,
And told me, "Keep it safe! its for you especially for you..."

I did not dare to touch that gem, in that dread, and fear of loss...
I wiped my tears and sobbed to Him,
"Come In Lord, Into my heart,
Sit there forever with that glowing gem...
I dare not touch it now...
Its safe with you.. and I feel safe
When you will rule my heart..."

Saturday, May 7, 2016


"Make every experience , an impression
Make every impression, a lesson
Make every lesson, a vision
Make every vision, a prayer
Make every prayer, a purpose
Make every purpose, your  love
Make your love, your purpose, your prayer, your vision, your lesson, your impression , your experience... surrender to that Primordial Power...
And just let every petal in your heart flower!!!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Wish I could Tell You!!!

Wish I could tell you ... how I have taken off!!!
Taken off from the earthly sphere .. to drench in the Divine...

Wish I could tell you... how my heart feels enlarged..
Large enough to accommodate the Blissful other World!!!

Wish i could tell you... why I blush now and then...
My face mirrors my thoughts, which gushes out at your thought!!!

Wish I could hold you tight... and take you along in this beautiful voyage called Life..
For I dont want to be alone anymore! when I finally disappear fully into that Divine Light!!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

My flowering heart! ... Dedicated to my soul sister!!!

Little by Little.. The petals open...
Slowly steadily... spreading its fragrance
Fragrance of Love and friendship!!!

The petals zoom out large filling up the whole space...
In my heart! yes in my little heart!

I know not to breath,
I know not to smile,
I know only love and friendship!!!

I tasted that joy! I felt that love...
When our Souls met and embraced...
With blessings from above"

Thursday, February 25, 2016


For the past two days I have been watching two cockroaches peeping out from below the sink in my kitchen and beneath the washbasin in my bathroom. But any move from my side and they vanish. I have never been using insect repellents like Hit as I came to know that they not only harm cockroaches, but also the ants that feed on them and it is also harmful to the environment. Broomstick was my weapon.
Yesterday, my ten-year-old son came running from the bathroom at the sight of a cockroach. Arming my weapon, I was on my quest for the little trouble maker and finally spotting him, I targeted by weapon just on time for the little creature to be left motionless. Feeling happy to have finally waved goodbye to the cockroach I went on to prepare hot dosas for dinner.
My son was sitting with the plate of hot dosa and sambar with intense pain on his face. When I went near and patted him he just burst out with incessant sobs. I was clueless, on what had gone wrong.
 Then in between his sobs he announced, “I don’t want dinner!”
 I sat next to him, held him close and ask him what happened. With even louder sobs, he said I can feel the pain of that cockroach, Amma!”
It took a while for me to pacify him with reasons like the diseases the cockroaches might spread and if I had not hit it on time the number of coackroaches should have increased…. All the while I had started feeling guilty.
 I could then see my little one offering prayers for the departed soul … I too sat down before the altar asked forgiveness for my act and prayed for the soul of the cockroach!
 I saw and felt compassion in the tears of my little one.

 When he snuggled close to me at night and dozed off to sleep with an empty stomach I felt a lump in my throat, drops of tears, trickled down my eyes, and I felt blessed…

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Will "IT" pass???

I waited for “it” to pass…! A strange feeling that had crept inside during the recent floods…!  
A feeling born out of the face to face dialogue with bitter truths about life which had directly or indirectly affected us. 
The permanence of change, the uncertainty of the so-called reality, the fakeness of put on smiles… all these and a lot more made me realize the Shakespearean words, “all worlds a stage, all men and women merely players…”

I was not a direct victim of the flood, but in many ways I have not escaped it;
 I am in many ways a flood victim…A flood victim with a dry home, a safe roof, a loving family, and enough supplies…but still a flood victim.
 I am still waiting for “it” to pass…! Unable to decipher what that “it” is.

Opening my heart and hearth for the flood victims has made me one among them…! 
“It” has urged me to raise many life questions…Questions on what has to stay, what has to pass, what has to be valued and what has to be ignored! 
My answers to these and many more are evolving with each passing day!

Life is moving on… Schools offices resumed! I even gave two performances, my Center is back on track…
But inside I am still the flood victim who is waiting for “it” to pass…

 Will "IT" pass???