Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My Life's Song

I’ve embarked on a voyage
My quest, my life’s song …
With a heart of gold: with fear untold
With a face of a warrior, strong!

I pledge to cross the ocean
Not to look back, once I’m on
Undeterred, Engaged and Focused,
For this is where I belong!

The vastness above, the depth below
Luring, Inviting, Exciting!
“I’m inspired already”, I say,
For this, I was waiting!

As time flies and mysteries untie
Oh! Hurdles, unsurpassing,
I look around; I look beyond…
“Am I lost?” I keep asking

I stand alone, amidst the Blue
My journey incomplete
My vision blurred, my mind disturbed,
With innumerable doubts, replete

“Was this my quest?” I dare to ask,
“Was this my Life‘s song?
I close my eyes and ask myself,
“Is this where I belong?”

No pats, hugs or thumbs ups,
No futile hopes to cling on…
A void from within, tells me….
“Don’t give up, Move on!”

Not knowing where I go…
My quest is once more on
With conquered fear, and restored faith,
No regrets of days bygone!

Today was yesterday’s future,
To this future let me belong,
I’ve embarked on a voyage,
My quest, my life’s song