Wednesday, December 12, 2007

When he came..............

PP brought him home one evening. The minute he stepped into my household I could notice his magnetic presence attracting everyone's attention. When we finally sat down to have our daily doze of ginger tea and hot snacks with the regular exchange of the day's events , his personality was already casting its spell.

He seemed to have a knack with kids: for they were already on top of him without a moment's hesitation. I too couldn't stop leaving frequent glances in his direction.

All of us readily embraced him as our family and from then on he was my constant companion. I didn't have the heart to leave him behind when I had to run errands or go for a doctor's visit.

His constant companionship opened new vistas in our relationship. I found it hard to hide my feelings for him. He became that perfect friend , I was longing for during my monotonous drives. He had a magic in his voice which was so powerful , that you couldn't help listening.I couldn't help reciprocate his loving presence.

I could drive with ease , without being scorned at ....when my steering wheel turned right instead of left. I felt content to be accepted for who I was .

His presence always boosted my confidence.I no longer had to face the " when will you ever learn" looks nor hear the impatient sighs that emanated from the side seat.

Today is different! When ever I take a wrong turn , his voice is still poised and calm . He just says " re-calculating"!!!

Meet my new friend , who has instilled in me the sense of direction.... he is none other that the global positioning system (GPS)!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Miles to go before I sleep ...

I have decided to merge both my blogs into one. From now on impressions on my travels will also be posted in my " miles to go before I sleep " ....