Thursday, September 4, 2014

Bird and the Wind

Once there was a daring bird, who soared up in the sky,
With hopes and dreams of days unseen, with faith; She did fly.

The joy and bliss of freedom, she loved its very taste
Higher and higher, further and faster; She flew with urgent haste.

As she perched, lazed and wondered; Whoop! Came a wind strong,
It brought with it a fragrance- sweet; from lands far and beyond.

An urge in her to soar with the wind, to soar to lands unknown…
To smell, to taste, to see it all… Hopes of future sown.

The sturdy wind then sang to her, It’s audacious life, it’s song…
Its vibes did spur a chime in her; And She gently sang along.

Songs of Hope, songs of faith, Songs of friendship strong
They sang in tune, songs of love, and they gently flew along.

They crossed the oceans, they crossed the seas,
They flew up mountains, they flew with ease.

As their voyage went on; and many years passed by,
“I need my nest, I need some rest!” Chirped the birdie, to her guy.

The gusty wind and the chirpie bird, flew down to build their nest
Two tiny eggs she laid in them, they hatched and they felt blessed!

“I need to move,” said the wind, “to soar, I was born!”
“I’ll tend our nest and the little ones!” said the birdie, “Please move on!”

The wind and bird went different ways, still singing songs of love,
To unravel destinies, to meet their fates, to receive what life endows!

Their hope did live, to sing in sync and soar up side by side,
To feel, to live and love their life, and through it gently glide!