Friday, June 13, 2008

An On the road Saga!


Chapter 2

Thus after many eventful driving lessons and an uneventful driving test, I came home a proud recipient of the Indian Drivers license. I was beaming with confidence, for we had no car in our garage to prove my driving skills. My Dad one day brought home a second hand Maruti Suzuki and handed over its keys to me. He sat beside me on the passenger seat, his head held high. I turned on the engine , my confidence level crumbling. My car galloped imitating the jerks of a horse and suddenly came to a stop. After many trials , my Dad’s raised head came down a bit and he promised me to bring me a better Guru .

Thus started, my second session of driving classes with Pillai Sir. Pillai Sir was very different from my earlier teacher. He was a soft spoken man, who taught me how to drive and instilled full confidence in me. Thus in a few weeks time I was declared the chauffeur of the family. I started enjoying the drives on the Indian roads which provided adventure and variety each day. We stopped hiring drivers even for long drives. Thus the 1985 model Maruti Suzuki became my companion. I started feeling a special kinship with this old friend .

The day came when I had to finally say goodbye to my on the road companion….., it was more than just a four wheeler , it was my first car , which gave me confidence not only in driving but also in myself. On the eve of my wedding when our house was full of guests , my uncle took up a few responsibilities running errands on my old companion….: my old car refused from responding ….whether any one would believe it or not …. My car’s engine did not start even after many trials…. When all the guests departed , I went to my old friend , spoke to it with love (I know it sounds crazy)…..and my old companion responded without any problems….When I write about my old red Maruti ….it does take me back the memory lane…. The many moments I spent with my friend , the many roads I meandered , the many family outings , the long drives with my college friends, drives with my husband……..And I feel a longing to sit on its drivers seat and hold on to its steering…….

To be continued………………………….