Saturday, July 30, 2016

Ultimate Medication!!!

JUST BE... Without Confrontation
JUST SEE ... Without Interpretation
JUST LOVE... Without Justification
JUST LAUGH...Without Saturation
JUST CRY... Without Clarification

JUST RELAX... With Reflection
JUST SLEEP.. With Satisfaction
JUST EAT... With Satiation
JUST DANCE... With Elation

JUST BE.. . Its Meditation..
Its my Soul's Ultimate Medication!!!

Monday, July 25, 2016

Pause awhile and look within!

When thoughts throng your brain and leave you breathless...
When your heart and pulse rate ascends aimless...
When you hear your heart throbs in your brain..
When you feel your emotions erupt and drain..
When you gulp and feel the pain in your throat...
When your eyes look listless and your feelings bloat..
When you feel left out, behind the crowd...
When your eyes water non stop without doubt...

Pause awhile... and look within... and look beyond till you hear no more...

Pause awhile.. and look within... and look inwards till you feel no more...

Wash out your thoughts... empty your mind...

Befriend yourself... And know that you are never Alone!

Monday, July 4, 2016

Is it wrong to Dream?

"Is it wrong to dream?
Is it wrong to be free?Is it wrong to dream of freedom ?
I ask Thee!!!

I love to dream of freedom...
Freedom to be free from bonds of so-called Love!
Freedom to be free from all false hopes and promises,
Freedom to be ME,
Freedom to be in Glee,
Freedom to soar up high and fly
Freedom to let go and cry!!!

Is it wrong to dream?
Is it wrong to be free?
Is it wrong to dream of freedom?
I gently as Thee!!!