Sunday, April 24, 2016

Wish I could Tell You!!!

Wish I could tell you ... how I have taken off!!!
Taken off from the earthly sphere .. to drench in the Divine...

Wish I could tell you... how my heart feels enlarged..
Large enough to accommodate the Blissful other World!!!

Wish i could tell you... why I blush now and then...
My face mirrors my thoughts, which gushes out at your thought!!!

Wish I could hold you tight... and take you along in this beautiful voyage called Life..
For I dont want to be alone anymore! when I finally disappear fully into that Divine Light!!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

My flowering heart! ... Dedicated to my soul sister!!!

Little by Little.. The petals open...
Slowly steadily... spreading its fragrance
Fragrance of Love and friendship!!!

The petals zoom out large filling up the whole space...
In my heart! yes in my little heart!

I know not to breath,
I know not to smile,
I know only love and friendship!!!

I tasted that joy! I felt that love...
When our Souls met and embraced...
With blessings from above"