Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Will "IT" pass???

I waited for “it” to pass…! A strange feeling that had crept inside during the recent floods…!  
A feeling born out of the face to face dialogue with bitter truths about life which had directly or indirectly affected us. 
The permanence of change, the uncertainty of the so-called reality, the fakeness of put on smiles… all these and a lot more made me realize the Shakespearean words, “all worlds a stage, all men and women merely players…”

I was not a direct victim of the flood, but in many ways I have not escaped it;
 I am in many ways a flood victim…A flood victim with a dry home, a safe roof, a loving family, and enough supplies…but still a flood victim.
 I am still waiting for “it” to pass…! Unable to decipher what that “it” is.

Opening my heart and hearth for the flood victims has made me one among them…! 
“It” has urged me to raise many life questions…Questions on what has to stay, what has to pass, what has to be valued and what has to be ignored! 
My answers to these and many more are evolving with each passing day!

Life is moving on… Schools offices resumed! I even gave two performances, my Center is back on track…
But inside I am still the flood victim who is waiting for “it” to pass…

 Will "IT" pass???