Thursday, June 16, 2016

Mythri Memories!

We meet and befriend many people on our life’s journey.  We make deep connections with many who just come and go after teaching us important life lessons. Every connection we make helps us evolve into better individuals. There are some connections we make with certain people at a deeper level. Such connections are made at moments, which cannot be defined or put to words… they are felt.
I am indeed blessed to have such a beautiful connection with a friend. This deep connection occurred after 7 years of friendship, at a blessed moment. This connection deepened after a retreat which helped us connect with oneself and with each other.

We went for a retreat at Pyramid Valley, peaceful, positive, picturesque and placed in the lap of nature.  It was a 4-day retreat from 11th to 14th June. Just to keep a few of these moments alive, here I make memories…by jotting down few of those precious moments.
We were like two carefree souls, on an unplanned journey. We reached Bangalore after a train journey. We just knew the address of the place which was around 40 km away from the railway station. It was drizzling when we reached. It was nice and cool. We walked across to the Majestic bus depot and tried to spot a bus which would take us to our destination. As there was no direct bus. One helpful person who understood our plight helped us into a bus which took us midway. Then we took a shared tempo which dropped us at a main junction which was 2 km away from the pyramid valley. It was 2 in the afternoon, and we were now two hungry and happy souls. There were no vehicles to transport us to Pyramid Valley and so we decided to walk, hoping for a lift. He heard the prayers of two hungry souls and there came a tractor which offered to take us to Pyramid Valley. Excited we jumped on the tractor, alongside the driver and thoroughly enjoyed the bumpy ride. We felt as if we had gone back in time... we were two happy kids.

Pyramid valley was inviting... it was green all round, and meditative music was heard in the air accompanied by the chirps of birds and chitter-chatter of insects. The incessant rain which followed completed the orchestra. We checked into our room, which was our home for the next four days.

We met Master Per who was our guide. His deep eyes spoke volumes, and he bend down to shake hands with each of us greeting and inviting us. His handshake was electrifying and an energy just passed as he looked into our eyes.

The sessions were spaced out in such a way, that it allowed us good time to relax. We connected with ourselves, with nature, with all the flora and fauna around. There were deep conversations, childlike giggles, uninterrupted laughter, taste of unrestricted freedom.  We walked in pouring rain, ran on the untarred roads, danced and sang. We spoke without thinking, and listened without speaking, cried without knowing and laughed out roaring…We meditated in the huge Pyramid, walked to the village temple, tasted oneness in thoughts, words and deeds. Our silences spoke volumes, our smiles bridged gaps in our souls, clasped hands cemented our bond and we knew for sure that we came from the same source… and we were two sides of the same coin. Duality was erased...

After 4 days as the retreat ended, we were to embrace our daily routine again. Before going to our home, we met a few friends, who taught us lessons on joy of giving and joy of loving. It was a trip to remember, a trip which made
us close and opened our hearts.

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