Sunday, December 14, 2008

An on the road Saga! : after a hiatus!

It was indeed a herculean task to even sit down in front of the monitor and pour out my thoughts after a long hiatus. There were many reasons for going on a long break.......our sudden relocation to India... setting up a home in here, getting admission for kids, adjustment and settling down problems for them,sudden change of weather and a series of non stop infections in the family.... the list goes on and on. The only reason I have started blogging in spite of the umpteen excuses is that , I really missed out on something these past few months.... I missed my virtual friends who kept popping in now and then to check on me in spite of my long silence......I missed reading my own thoughts on print... which otherwise kept piling in my head pacified by the ever flowing tasks at hand..... I just missed blogging!!!

Now , I am back.....hoping not to be infected by the virus , inertia....:

So , here's my “On the road saga....” part 3....

Chapter 3

After my on the road adventures with tempo trax and maruti Suzuki , I was back to hiring auto's and buses on the Chennai roads....Sitting as a passenger in an auto was no less than an adventure... with the high frequency and high pitched Tamil songs jarring from the driver's seat and the unpredictable potholes on the middle of the roads that takes you roller coaster riding .. without visiting any amusement parks.These adventure rides also had a short life … we flew to Hiroshima , Japan soon.

I was amazed at the discipline and smoothness that prevailed on the Japanese roads. My ears ached to hear the honking sound which pervaded our Indian roads. We did not own a car when we were in Japan. Our main mode of transport was the local train. I used to be picked up and dropped by my friends whenever necessary. One of my student's gave me a bicycle which was my on the road companion from then on. Biking, then became a very relaxing and energy boosting exercise. Pp also got a second hand bicycle and we used to go biking on weekends,... hiking, shopping and just exploring Hiroshima.It was fun, relaxing and romantic. These biking moments left me wishing for Indian roads with bicycle paths ….ensuring safe and environment friendly travel. I have biked to my school and tuition classes as a high school student....but today, with the crazy traffic on our Indian roads … can we really relax at home having waved good bye to our kids on their bicycles?!!!

… be continued.