Friday, June 3, 2016

Smile with your Soul!!!!

Till the other day, I knew that your Smile will enhance your personality.. It is the best ornament you can wear. It is free...!!!

Then yesterday, I learnt to smile with my heart!  Definition of my smile change. It was not just an ornament you wear!, it was your inner reflection!.. Your smile defined you and your relationship with the world. 

Today, I learnt to smile with my soul... and I was once again forced to redefine the definition of Smile.Smile was not just an ornament, it was not just a reflection of your character, .. it was just You!!!It defined a connection with yourself and with the Supreme. Your smile was your freedom..

My various degrees of smiles also helped me place people whom I came across as just a Passerby,  a good friend ... or my kindred spirit !!!

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