Saturday, March 29, 2008

God is still working on her!

You must already have read on my cousin Pratibha, about whom I once wrote in one of my previous posts. This time I would like to repost it.She has achieved something this month which is for sure an inspiration to all of us. It reminds us on the infinite potential hidden in each one of us.This month she did her Arangetram, which lasted for 1 1/2 hours on stage.Arangetram is a graduation ceremony and a defining moment in a dancer's life.Read more on Pratibha and what she has to teach us......

As the Macro cosmic Omnipresence rejuvenates into the microcosmic creations ,
as Nature replays itself in its myriad forms,
as the first ever flower receives its first sunshine and enlightens the plant,
as the first reptile soars up in the sky freeing itself from the fetters of the gravitational pull tasting freedom,
as the carbon transforms into a diamond, the precious gem:
Consciousness unravels itself !!!

While Nature is still at its play creating and recreating, its flora, its fauna and its infinite variety of creatures,we do fumble upon mutations. Yes,mutations,that are still full of Nature`s artistry yet having a pronounced difference. Yes,different in form but still an embodiment and expression of Nature. Yes,different because of a surplus or lack of the building block,the chromosome.

Let me share with you this real life story of a gift of Nature,who is different and who is special. I am fortunate to have her as my dear cousin. I still remember the day she was born, when my uncle walked into our house with a beaming face of a proud father. I remember peering into her tiny little eyes, when I was a little scared yet wanting to hold her feather like body. She grew up in a warm atmosphere surrounded by love and affection. Her tiny legs refused to take her first step even at the age of three,her mouth unable to produce audible meaningful sounds! I witnessed the silent pain endured by her parents and the whole family .... They were unable to accept that they were blessed with a special bud, which will also bloom in its own special way. She was diagnosed by doctors of various disciplines, and she also accepted alternative therapies.... She slowly started to walk,started to talk....
I still remember clearly,the way she snuggled in my lap and stared at my face trying to decipher the sounds that I produced ...the way she swayed her body to any melodious music!

But time passed,she grew into adulthood, yet untouched by its complexities. Those legs which once refused to walk slowly took rhythmic steps of classical dance. The perfection and grace she rendered would not be measured according to regular standards , but still she danced,she danced before audiences without inhibitions. Her in born talents today unravel when she cooks,stitches ,memorizes phone numbers!

The child in her still alive : still frustrated on missing out something about the adult hood,She is God's rare creation, He still working on her. Don't we also yearn for the innocence and heart of a child,faded away or buried in our process of attaining maturity? Like the consciousness which is ever flowing in all the
creations, in you and in me and in all that we see around,the same inherent consciousness is latent in my cousin and all the special gifts of Nature too. Let us not read each others labels but rather look beyond it,to read something divine and sublime , reflections of our own consciousness.

Watch this vedio of Pratibha's Arangetram!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

The only thing that is permanent in life is change!

If we watch carefully at our life we sometimes see a pattern ...of things being repeated constantly!
This is very true in my case. There are two things that keep happening in my life. So what is the inference you gather from this... .It might be a game of Nature to teach us something. Or it might be a reminder for us to change something in our life so that the pattern does not repeat...

Let me tell you what are the things that create patterns in my life.
1. It has to do with my wrist watch. The relation with my watch is always short lived. We are not made for each other. If I can have a smooth relationship with my watch for at least a month it is a miracle. I don't have an answer to why our relationship is always on the verge of breaking...Either , the watch just stops working , or is just not to be found. So what should I learn from this.. just stop using a watch! this is the only answer I can come up with.

2. In the past 8 years I have moved 10 houses , in four different countries. Last two weeks I was busy shifting to a new place , and that is why this late post. The most amazing aspect is that I am always in love with each of my 10 homes...I have enjoyed making each house into a home only to leave it and enter into a totally new environment.And what do I learn from this pattern in my life which has granted me varied experiences.
1). That the only thing that is permanent in life is change.
2). And to never accumulate baggage along the way. Live light , so that you can have a comfortable life. May be this is true with the journey called life itself. Never carry with you grievances or hatred, that your journey becomes a pain.
3).Always accept help.You will discover some wonderful friends along the way ,who can make your journey smooth. Let me thank my dear friends who have given me their time and love and helped make my moves enjoyable.