Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Once upon a time.........

Once upon a time, there was a tall strong tree which majestically ornamented a garden. A new leaf with pastel shade of green sprouted on one of its branches. As time flew the baby leaf acquired new shades of green and expanded in width. The leaf started feeling a new sense of pride. It thoroughly enjoyed the golden radiance of the Sun during day and the silvery reflections of the moon at night.

One day it looked around and found one of his earlier companions who was slowly changing color. This increased its sense of pride. It grabbed the opportunity of showing off it's might and looking down upon the sad plight of its yellow companion. The yellow leaf only smiled in return. Days passed, the yellow leaf again transformed into brown, life almost drained from its veins, a mild breeze finally pinched it away from its parent, and there it lay, merging with the brown earth. Now the green leaf which was brimming with life energy and sarcastic laughter, slowly started changing too. Its once charm and beauty began to fade.Green turned to pale yellow to brown.Once again blew the wind, and the leaf could no longer fight back. It also embraced the path of its companion.Yes! when the brown leaf falls let not the green one laugh!

Does not this tree unfold our own story? At the prime of our youth, when the fluids in our body are meandering in its right course, with all its might and vigor, we tend to believe that, this is how we will be for ever. When we are still young we take our parents for granted, unmindful of their sacrifices. Only when we step into their shoes do we realize what they had once gone through. Yes, today I am able to understand my parents more! The expectations and hopes they had built on us. It also makes me pause a while .....and think/feel about the years ahead.......the twilight years!

Have you ever glanced at the twilight sky.....still sheltering the shades of the disappearing sun, the hues still reflecting the silent rays, not of warmth but of calm? Does not this sky unfold our own story?

Have you ever tried to capture the depths of the ocean? Its vastness, its depth, its ebbs and tides? Does not this sea unfold our own story? Swimming through the ocean of life, with tired limbs and weak body , can they find floats? A small touch, an understanding glance,a few loving words and a small amount of our time......these can be perfect floats!

Let us learn from the green leaf, and the vast sky which holds hands with the deep ocean! Let us not laugh at the brown leaf, but rather offer companionship. Let us not look down at the tired swimmers, but rather provide support. Let us remember that we reap what we sow..... but many times over!


Bharathy said...

What a wonderful thought provoking write up,again,Nanditha!!

You are absolutely right!.Most of the youngsters of the modern world look down upon the elders, irrespective of any thoughts of their old ages!!Let this be an eye opener to all those who simply ignore the sacrifices of their parents and elders..

Keshi said...

WOW u rock girl! Lovely writing.

Very inspiring, ty!

krystyna said...

Hi Nanditha!
Time is our big lesson. Very inspiring post!
"A small touch, an understanding glance,a few loving words and a small amount of our time......these can be perfect floats!" - wonderful. Love it.
Let us learn from the green leaf..
Have a successful time!

Maddy said...

that was pretty good, nanditha, enjoyed reading it!!but sometimes i think, the cycle has been so for ages. the young will always commit mistakes, only then can they learn!!

Cynthia said...

Thanks for this contemplative post.

Mishmash ! said...

Quite well-written! I feel the issue discussed here is something that evolves naturally through life....we learn...make mistakes...and gains maturity and realise certain embarrasing truths about our acts in the past....but its appalling when someone makes the mistake again after gaining all this wisdom and experience...i think such green leaves need to be changing their attitude!


mathew said...

wow..amazing depth in the story..loved the way you have made the comparison..thanks for the post.

J said...

A lesson to be learnt here. Very well written Nanditha, and thankyou for reminding us that all our parents need is a loving word, a small amount of our time....

diyadear said...

very well written nanditha..true to the core.. but hey u didnt come n check out my tag, the one u had tagged me on ;) n may i ask where in kerala r u from??

diyadear said...

hey im from kodungaloor too :D n if ur surname is prabhu after mine lemme tell u mine was too before marriage :D may be we'r realted ;) he he

diyadear said...

yes i do [:D] some distant relation.. is ur husband from there??? may be we cud chat some time. mail me on diyadear@gmail.com

Nanditha Prabhu said...

thank you... the attitude of the youngsters might be part of their growth.....(and beleive me! Im still a youngster!)


very true! time is our lesson....

Maddy sir,
yes it has been so for ages! Even I think you are right . we learn from the mistakes.. but I hope an awareness can always pave way for stronger relationships!


we evolve with time.....I this is the way life is ! but this post came as a result of my own inner awareness of the twilight years!

Thank you , Mathew!

if I have been able to make you think , about your parents... i feel happy abt that!

thanks.. aave tag vacheele!great to know that we are related!

Maddy said...

hey - did u hear about the earthquake in japan??

Susan said...

We have an expression (you may well know it), "Green around the ears." It means young, inexperienced, and is not necessarily a flattering thing. Too bad we have not found a happy medium yet of maturity's wisdom and youth's wonder and discovery. Seems we go through eras of venerating age or adulating youth, but never both.

So good, Nanditha, a perfect topic to sit around under a tree and talk about further. Thank you.

Nanditha Prabhu said...

"Green around the ears!".. is surely not a flattering description of a human state!I always do wonder why can't we inject wisdom and awareness creating better relationships!