Saturday, July 7, 2007

A secret formula!!

An instant rewiring occurs in your cerebrum and within no time your priorities change, your attitude changes. The only thing that is permanent in life is change! Yes, when one takes a leap into motherhood,what occurs is a metamorphosis. One sheds the layers of youth and finds oneself suddenly embraced in the new layer of womanhood.Those thoughts which once diverged to your likes, dislikes, your passions , pursuits , your hobbies , jobs ... all now seem to converge at one core, your child.

My passions and interests blurred away into the unseen past, as I cloistered happily into the innocent warmth of my baby. His smile, giggles and baby talk filled up my whole space and time. I was away from my home land, in a new environment , surrounded by a new culture. I was not woken up by the bicycle bells of the milkman or paperwala, or by the spluttering sound of the mustard seeds in hot oil accompanied by the aroma from the kitchen. As I peered down from our eighth floor balcony all I could see was people rushing for their jobs and kids rushing to school. My husband too had to rush early to his office. But I never felt lonely, I was charmed by the unearthly beauty and love that sparkled from my baby.

When he was 4 months he turned over on his tummy gleaming with pride at his new achievement, on his new world view; at five he managed to sit upright, not yet mobile, still unable to explore new horizons.Whenever I turned on my music system ,I noticed his head and tiny hands keeping in rhythm with the music. I was excited, and in order to amuse him started to dance with the music. Like a doll which responds with the turn of a key, he would blush with peels of laughter which automatically was reflected on my face too! I wanted to amuse him more, and one day took out my precious dancing bells (Chilanka), which I had not used since I conceived. This time I had a dance music on and danced with my dancing bells, and to my amazement I found my only audience sit upright and clap his hands with a toothless smile.

I was possessed by an intense desire to perform. But circumstances were different now. I was not in India where there was more exposure and oppurtunuties for my art.Here I had a wonderful audience, my baby who never hesitated in applauding and appreciating my every move and turn. Keeping my desire burning within I danced everyday before, the best audience ever, satisfied after every performance.

Days passed, my baby was fully accustomed to every step I took and every expression that came along. One day, my husband announced the 30th Anniversary of FORD in Taiwan (Ford was a client of my husband's company) and proudly said that I was asked to perform Indian dance. The secret formula had worked once again for me. A formula???

yes! I know formula that has worked wonders for me....

"Desire + Effort = Grace" You should have a strong desire and should put in your maximum effort, you can harvest miraculous results!

I danced for the anniversary celebrations before a huge audience, but my precious little one was enjoying every move from the front row in his father's lap, applauding and smiling his toothless smile!


MyVision said...

Yes, the secret formula is an open secret... many people know it, but very few try to practice it... strong desire coupled with hard work, is the secret formula for success... and you have demonstrated it...

I can imagine the way kanna enjoying your dance... This is an excellent posting nandu... I am sure, it will inspire many who read it..

Mishmash ! said...

Nandu, do I have the freedom to comment only on one part of this post, that pic ?? You look gorgeous...great posture with a grace ofcourse ! I was looking at the pic for sometime, before I started reading the notes...which is as usual flows from ur heart :)


SG said...

Nice one, very good narration..I could see Kanna with toothless smile and you dancing:)) Strong desire and hardwork gives you the result..Very true..

Li'l Lite said...

You are so beautiful Nanditha..and so are your words :)

Sharmi said...

waw Nandita, you look awesome in that dance costume. very pretty. it is really great to preform in a different country. hats off to you.

Jyothsna said...

Nandu, you look gorgeous in that picture!! So, you are a mohiniattam exponent huh?? I always wanted to learn that, but didn't have the opportunity. And now your post makes me want to put on my anklets and do some bharatanatyam (the only dance form I know!)Hugs :)

Nanditha Prabhu said...

My Vision,
Yes it is an open secret and I know that all of us know this formula!But this is a formula which keeps poking its head in me every now and then...:)

Thank you dear....I'm flattered.

:) thank you

Little light ,
Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder!

Dancing in a different country is surely a new experience.I have been fortunate to dance before different audiences in various countries!

Thanks dear.
Iam not a mohiniyattam exponent. But Im blessed to be the daughter of an exponent....And thus have inherited the passion for art!

Purnima said...

Wonderful N Graceful picture of that dancing pose, Nanditha! Loved the secret formula post..u truly have inborn skill n natural towards optimistic thoughts, anyone else in your position wd hv cribbed, but u see n show a different light! How lucky I m getting to know you atleast through your posts...pls keep writing, u hv an additional reader frm now on! For all that postive aura u give thru ur writings! I m feeling as refreshing reading ur posts, as u feel wt PP foot massage/dessert! :) No jokes!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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