Saturday, July 14, 2007

A small victory!

My childhood days were spent in and around a small township.The township had a hospital, where I was born; good schools where I did my schooling; temples adjacent to our school where we used to bribe God for our tests and exams and also for the tasty prasad of bananas sliced into small triangles and sprinkled with sugar.Our township had small shops where we could purchase all necessary groceries and vegetables, and one Martin's barbershop, where customers queued up for their turn of haircut and to hear Martin's interesting stories.Rather than taking me to a beauty parlor, I was often taken to Martin for trimming my hair, and I used to enjoy his pamperings as a child. After nearly 25 years, still my father has his hair cut by Martin and whenever I go home, my father takes my son to Martin's barber shop, where he still pursues his job with the same old enthusiasm.

I am not going to write on Martin and his hair cutting techniques...... ; I was just trying to fly back in time and pay my obeisance to my Guru MARTIN!
It was in Japan , when I first tried my hand at this art.I do not have any formal training in this arena, but my regular visits to Martin's barbershop would have surely stimulated the artistic expressions in my fingers! Language was always a big hurdle we had to face in Japan.Though I picked up the basics of the language necessary for my survival, initially even the mere task of shopping was Herculean task.After facing umpteen number of embarrassing situations, Our whole team rather preferred to have long hair rather than approach a hair cutting saloon.

I was impressed when one of my Japanese students ,Nishijima San told that she herself cuts her husband's and children's hair.All our team members including my husband PP were now slowly transforming into Neolithic Homo Sapiens with enough hair to put two tiny ponies!This was when I first armed myself with scissors and comb and cajoled my husband into agreeing to be my guinea pig! (privilege of the newly wed)!. I inwardly saluted my guru , and started to cut in all directions...My hands just moved according to my imagination....After the job was done I knew it was not perfect... but PP gave me a satisfying smile...( you know why? ... he could only see his front cut... if he dared to see his back cut: but he was least bothered.....)

This was my strength ! With each haircut I learned a few tactics and techniques...Today I manage to give a decent haircut to PP and my two boys....And also save $35 on the 3 haircuts! .... I rejoice in this small victory!

Enjoy this virtual haircut (hat tip to Mishmash). Do use your head phones for a good laugh!


Jyothsna said...

Hmmm, so that's another facet of your personality, huh? :)

SG said...

Hair cutting/styling...Did not know about this talent of yours:))

Maddy said...

did a few haircuts myself (on self & friends) while at college - to augment the never sufficient allowance.

Nanditha Prabhu said...


do not know whether u can call it a talent... it started out of necessity.

maddy sir,
how did u look , after experimenting on your own self?

GVK said...

In my trips to the US, for durations of six weeks to three months, I have managed not to have my haircut abroad. I reckon $20-$25 to have the job done is rather stiff (even if it is my son who picks up the tab).
Normally, on the eve of my US visits, I go to my neighbourhood barbershop in Mysore, and have him do a close/shortened cut, so that I can go without it for another two months. And I pay Rs.25.

Sharmi said...

hey that was very funny to read.LOL
My lil one does not sit in the barber shop. he put the whole place down by screaming . so I do it for him with the hair cutting machine. did you do it with that or just with scissors.

Nanditha Prabhu said...

I did not use a machine as I did not have one then.. and we didnt know how to get one in japan... and it would surely have cost a lot! So prefered scissors!
how old is your little one?

Li'l Lite said...

wow!Thanks for adding me to ur blog roll...feels good :)

Mishmash ! said...

Nandu....guess what, from your writings PP comes across as a very adventurous person..first it was with eating sushi , and now with this hair cut adventure with you :))) another way of survival right ? :)


Nanditha Prabhu said...

My pleasure.

PP agreed with you completely when he read your comment....After all he needs to survie!!!

Naveen said...

i'd been to martin during my vacation .... & he as usual did enquire about you .... i didn't know of your adventures with the scissors then .. or else i would definitely have told him ...he would have beamed with pride .......

i didn't know bhavu was so courageous :-) ..........