Monday, August 17, 2009

Prayer heals!

I look at my hands and I can hear them begging to me..." stop it please... do not abuse us so much"... I open my vaseline jelly and apply it on my palms to make them feel better .
Earlier my hands used to smell of masalas, spices or incense, but for the past one week they are smelling only of dettol.
This is not the story of just my palms ....
My home smells of dettol and lizol ; I have already exhausted this month's usual quota of all disinfectant floor cleaners, toilet cleaners and even hand washes.I have stacked up my cupboard with enough of medical soaps. Our medicine cabinets have been updated with surgical spirits and many homeo medicines.My kids smell of dettol or eucalyptus oil.I even gave off a bottle of Lizol to the maid who comes to sweep the corridors of our apartment complex . I have agreed to sponsor dettol hand wash to my kids school.

Do not mistake this for a marketing portal for disinfectants .... what then?

Yes , you guessed it right ! Something is terribly wrong with me! When I am trying to make hand washing our home culture I just feel like Lady Macbeth trying to wash away the imaginary blood from her hands always in a state of hallucination. When I am always in the look out for a sneeze or running nose from my two little boys I feel insane.I used to take things so lightly . Never have I rushed my kids to doctors for a small rise in temperature , a cough or cold. But today my heart beats faster each time I think of my kids away from me in school...... ... are they washing their hands... with soap? Are they digging their noses , or biting their nails ?

I am after all a mother ....!!!

The scare of the pandemic H1N1 virus spreading like wild fire globally, the heat of its virulent flames burning life's of people close to our residence....just sprouted fear is many of us ...A month or so ago , I remember reading about this viral infection called swine flu affecting life's of people in Pune... but then I read it like any other news and never thought twice about it ....Today I feel ashamed !!!
Why am I feeling connected when it comes only to people close to me? Last few days were also days of reflection and introspection.With a baggage of thoughts dancing in my head I just sat down to check what I felt about the whole situation.

The answer I got was fear! Yes! I was overwhelmed with fear....! Fear of death , fear of the unknown , fear of future , fear of anticipation , fear of loss , fear of the unexpected...
I was imagining the worst , I was trying to live in the future "ifs". I had just forgotten the beauty of the present ... and the moment I realized this, prayer arose ! I could send prayers to not just my near and dear ... the spectrum of it embraced humanity as a whole !

Along with all the precautions we are taking to control the spread of this pandemic , the aura of our deep consciousness should expand ....!!! Prayer heals ....


All Is Whole said...

Hey, you are right-prayer heals and also precautionary measures help in fighting with the virus....

Smiles :)

Keep Praying..for one and for all!!

Sum Raj said...

hey nanduakka, nice to c u back in blogging world...yaa everyday me too in tensed mood when i leave smera to school..anyways here too i take some precaution 4 protection...hope this would end soon.

Jaishree Iyer said...

Nice Thoughts..yes, It is right thatPrecautionary method and Prayer will help to control this situation..Nice Post!

Nanditha Prabhu said...

Hi Prashant,
Nice to see you here. lets all pray together and fight this virus..

I know it is hard to send kids to school in constant fear:) but send we must ....

welcome to this space..
and lets all sincerely pray for the best :)

Cynthia said...

I have missed you.

Prayer is an integral part of my life.

Mishmash ! said...

Prayer heals for doubt! and i understand the fear part...even i have the same syndrome when i see someone sneezing these days....a friend from mumbai was saying her kid's school has given extended holidays coz of this threat....and another one talking about wearing masks et al....scary it is for sure!!!

mathew said...

Sometimes a post like this makes me scared whether i am too careless...infact i have not been taking any additional precautions...probably i was always like that and my silly belief that fate cannot be delinked...but then its a different ball game when you have your kids...there are things which you value more than yourself..where you dont want to let fate decide things...pray that this epidemic gets over soon!!

Nanditha Prabhu said...

I was also missing your posts all this while feels good to see a comment from you even after a long break ... !

The situation is bad .. i had gone throught this once in Taiwan when the epidemic SARS was in full swing. Now that we have kids and they also go out to schools and tend to pick up infection from everywhere around is the scariest part.

I was also a lot like you just taking things as they come .. but when we have small kids who entirely depend on us our resposibility is more .. we think for them and are scared for them... i know I am acting very funny ...and i also tend to sit and laugh at all the idiosyncracies i am doing ... but each time we see a swine flu case we get scared.i think we need to look into the situation and also ourselves to become morelevel headed and continue living normally:)

Anonymous said...

hmmmm....& prayers are our strength...inspite of all the negativities around, life moves on with a the hope of a better tomorrow...!

Pradeep said...

Hi Nanditha,

Prayers give strength to our mind. Afterall, condition of our body depends a lot on the state of our mind too. So, how much of protection we take care, confidence and faith that prayers give can never be discounted. Good you brought this up.

Nanditha, on your blogroll, the Time and Tide link (my earlier blog) is inactive ever since it was hacked. So could you please change it to the present one: Sands of Change.



Dhanya said...

I guess I'm more like Mathew.. yet to take any precautions.. But yeh with kids it's difficult esp coz they r more prone to it. Prayer definitely helps and more important is not to delay going to the doctor if some symptoms are seen.. Don't worry :)

Madhura said...

Nanditha ... I have to admit at this moment I am really feeling worried/scared ... just today the CDC has given the "worst case scenario" for this Fall-Winter saying some 90K people could die due to H1N1 in US this flu season. Last 3 years I never cared about the flu shots, never even considered them, but this year ... I am surely gonna take every possible precaution, including flu shots. And I am hoping GOD will help ... everyone !

krystyna said...

I am very pleased to meet with you again Nanditha!
Your posts are always stimulate thinking and encourage to take positive action.
Prayer is the most powerful weapon in the fight against fear.
Lets pray together!

I like your first part about hand-washing.
First step of precaution - clean hands.

Best to you!

krystyna said...

It is good to know about your connection with joga. I love yoga.
Thanks doing yoga I can walk, without pain. It heal me.

Srivalli said...

Hi Nanditha..mine is also same situation.always thinking abt kids and praying.

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