Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A restful vacation and Happy New Year

21st Dec 2007,

Kids busy decorating a Christmas tree and writing letters to Santa Claus! ....
Parents around the dining table , savoring hot coffee and discussing plans for the 11 day vacation.
Our first white Christmas in this new country...., with evergreen trees decked in the patterns of snow, lights illuminating the elegant night .... Christmas fills the air....
The mood of vacation has already permeated the whole household.

22nd December, 2007

A family outing at an Indian restaurant after the Christmas carol service.
All set to welcome the long vacation with loads of plans ....

23rd December,

One kid is burning with fever. ...Plans for the day , postponed. ... Not to worry! there are still days to enjoy!

slight improvement in the kid's fever. But still not good enough to venture out. Unable to resist the temptations offered by his sibling .....his screams and laughter, the elder one joins him. .... resulting in the shooting of temperature.

Santa Claus has made our day! a huge red stocking is filled with gifts! the joy of unwrapping the gifts seems to be more precious than the gift itself.....Among the sore throats and coughs and rising temperature Santa Claus has cast his magical spell. Kids can hardly stop smiling!

Visit to the pediatrician.
Visit to the Pharmacy for the medicines....advice to take rest !.....

27th, 28th, 29th, 30th 31st

Every member of the family share the same plight . All are advised to take rest. .....and take medications!

conclusion......a very eventful vacation filled with REST!.....exciting visits to the pediatrician ..... and physician! .....shopping at Pharmacy! ....all have been freaking out on cough syrups !....

This was the story of my long hibernation......but this is not a long post on my misfortune or our sickness!
this 11 days cloistered existence at home has surely brought us more closer as a family. Our illness has taught us how dependent we are on each other! ..It is not visiting exotic places , that can make us happy...it is just the time we spend with each other......i am grateful that we could all be together! ... loving and caring for each other , in the safety of home!

1st January 2008...

Wishing all of you An year filled with Love,Grace and Bliss!


Bharathy said...

Ah !!so there you are right on time with your new post..:)
Sorry to hear abt your son's illness...hope he is better by now!..or is it like you all got a little sick??cough and cold sort??

Appreciate that positive approach when you had mentioned about your satisfaction and happiness of being together..
Such a warm post for the weather :)..
Wishing you a healthy, joyous and prosperous year!..

Nanditha Prabhu said...

thank you for your warm wishes!
yes , all of us were down with flu and conjuctivitis. We are still recovering! feeling much better now.But it was a bit hard , as we were far from home., and this being our first real winter!
hoping to read and try more of your fabulous recipes!

Susan said...

Sorry everyone has been unwell. I have been down with a brute of a cold and now bronchitis since Christmas evening. Recovery has been slow. Rest, medicine and good times are the only way out.

Blessings, Nanditha, to you and your family as you move forward into 2008!

Mishmash ! said...

Hey.....so back in full swing now..? hope all are doing well.....will speak to u soon....Wish u a great year ahead !


J said...

Hope all of you are doing fine now! Wish you and your family a Happy New Year!

mathew said...

exciting visits to the pediatrician ..... and physician! .....shopping at Pharmacy..hehehe..;-P

seems like you have the gab to see the funnier side of life!!

Pradeep Nair said...

Keeping fit in this winter has been tough job. We too in our family had/ are having our share of illnesses.

Li'l Lite said...

Good to read your posts...wishing you a fantabulous year ahead!!

Anonymous said...

WoW...this Christmas postcard is just beautiful...Hope you have a wonderful time with your family & everything settles down soon so you get back to enjoy the natural beauty of life....have a wonderful new year ahead leaving aside all the problems of the old year & wishing everyone in your family stays healthy & safe...stay well!

Rajeev S said...

Nandu, I know you are one who tries to take everything in positive spirit. Things keep happening every second in our life, and if one learn to take these things in positive, then you will feel and enjoy life; else, everything will be seen only as problems. I can understand the difficulties through which you and prash had to go thru these holidays. Being together, sharing and caring each other is an experience.

Hope kids are fine now and getting back to their normal energy level.

And finally the new year postcard. Its beautiful.

Maddy said...

Our symapthies on the miserable weather you are all having..we have a bright time out here in california - though it has been raining like hell the last two days...like our monsoons!!


krystyna said...

Hi Nanditha!
Thanks for this beautiful, unconventional Christmas card!
Hope everybody well now.

I wish you happy, healthy and lovely new year!

Cynthia said...

I'm glad that you are all better. A very happy and prosperous year to you and the family.

Lakshmi said...


happy new year...hope all of you have a healthy year ..thanks for visiting backpakker..was going through your travels..wow !thats half the world covered

Anonymous said...


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