Wednesday, December 12, 2007

When he came..............

PP brought him home one evening. The minute he stepped into my household I could notice his magnetic presence attracting everyone's attention. When we finally sat down to have our daily doze of ginger tea and hot snacks with the regular exchange of the day's events , his personality was already casting its spell.

He seemed to have a knack with kids: for they were already on top of him without a moment's hesitation. I too couldn't stop leaving frequent glances in his direction.

All of us readily embraced him as our family and from then on he was my constant companion. I didn't have the heart to leave him behind when I had to run errands or go for a doctor's visit.

His constant companionship opened new vistas in our relationship. I found it hard to hide my feelings for him. He became that perfect friend , I was longing for during my monotonous drives. He had a magic in his voice which was so powerful , that you couldn't help listening.I couldn't help reciprocate his loving presence.

I could drive with ease , without being scorned at ....when my steering wheel turned right instead of left. I felt content to be accepted for who I was .

His presence always boosted my confidence.I no longer had to face the " when will you ever learn" looks nor hear the impatient sighs that emanated from the side seat.

Today is different! When ever I take a wrong turn , his voice is still poised and calm . He just says " re-calculating"!!!

Meet my new friend , who has instilled in me the sense of direction.... he is none other that the global positioning system (GPS)!


Susan said...

You are too funny, but it is true! A computer is so much more patient and never gets irritable like people do. I got my husband a hand-held GPS for Xmas a few years ago. Winds up we still consult paper maps - force of habit!

(BTW, Nandita, I saw your comment on my last post. I just published a long piece this evening. I know how you like them. ; ) )

J said...

And all along I thought you were talking of a dog! :)

Rajeev S said...

Nandu, you kept the curiosity of what it is till the end. I was wondering what it is, as I know you wouldn't go for a dog or cat. Well, now you can make right turns at right junctions... :))

Maddy said...

aha - you are a garmin person, i have a first generation tom tom with many celebrity voices....and how I ended up purchasing a GPS is some story..

mathew said...

hahahah..that was funny..quite different from what i expected after all serious posts..

Compassion Unlimitted said... kept the suspence on..just as Jyothsna me too started to think of a cute doggie till one

Cynthia said...

Last year I when I went to Miami, I rented a car with GPS so I totally get the re-calculating bit (lol) also, how do you like when the voice keeps telling you to make a right or left about 3 - 4 times as if you're retarded :)

bee said...

i still jump when i hear that voice. i'll stick to my maps, thak you. that was a fun read.

Nanditha Prabhu said...

yes i read your long post and thoroughly enjoyed it!

he he! you thought it was a dog?

my vision,
yes now i can take right turn at thr right junctions with out thinking twice!

i would surely like to hear your story! hope to read it in one of your posts!

:) don't jsut write me as a serious person!


i am in a sort of retarded state here. being new to this country and new to the road rules , gps was my saviour!

Bharathy said...

Wonderful Read Nandu..Do post more regarding Science and tech too.
I simppply enjoyed the final pic..
coz I have only heard of GPS so far from my relatives living abroad...yet to reach Hindustan!!..

So you tried those cookies too!...I am speechless :~|

Anonymous said...

You had a wonderful way with maintained the suspense till the very end...Thats so nice to know an electronic device can have such an impact on our lives as well as our thoughts....Wishing you & your family as well as your loved ones a Merry Christmas & very Happy holiday season along with the New year!

krystyna said...

Hi Nanditha!
Haahaha...I love this romantic story...I didn't expect this kind of the end.

Thanks for your wishes to my birthday and holidays. I really apprecite it!
May the blessings of peace be yours and Happy New Year!

krystyna said...

If you want, please take Award as a best friend from my birthday's post. You are the best person and friend!

Pooja Na(i)rayan said...

PP better wtach out for the new guy in ur life.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Compassion Unlimitted said...

Hi long time here

Wish you a very happy new year

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