Thursday, September 20, 2007

A relaxing Dessert !

Would you like to have your favorite creamy ice cream that tickles your taste buds and swims down your esophagus ?
Would your like to have aromatic and glistening gajar ka halwa with the intoxicating smell of ghee ?
Why not try the thick sweetness of palada payasam , enriched with the flavors of condensed milk ?.......
Do not mistake this for a food blog, though I have dreamt of starting one....

These are a few of my favorite desserts though the list can get longer in a jiffy. I was notorious for being a picky and fussy eater during my childhood. Though my affinity for food has deepened as I grew up , there is something that has remained constant temptation for a nice dessert. You can put a full stop to your meal only with an exotic dessert! It cools down , relaxes and also rejuvenates your tired digestive system after it has to assimilate , grind and digest the heavy inputs.

The same calming and soothing effect is met when you get a good assertive foot massage at the end of long hectic day. I am fortunate to enjoy this daily doze of dessert at the end of each day, which is like a balm , and which has all the properties of a sleeping pill. And my daily therapist is none other than my husband PP.

When we were in Taiwan I grabbed the opportunity of offering my feet to a professional foot massager. The board " FOOT MASSAGE" used to be so inviting , and I always suppressed my temptation of peering into the road side massage rooms. But I finally gave in ; and on one of my usual walks to bargain for fresh vegetables from farmers , who displayed their crops in the congested and noisy streets, I stopped at one of those boards ...and found few people in a queue awaiting their turn for the massage. I too joined the group. I could also hear pleading and yelling voices from the customers who were already tasting the efficacy of the massage .It was finally my turn ... and soon realized the secrets behind the pleading and yelling voices.The half an hour massage that followed was an experience that I find difficult to put to words. You have to experience it.

The person who massaged my foot kept on talking to me in Chinese , but I was not in a state to explain that I did not follow their language .. If I opened my mouth to speak I knew I would not speak , but only scream. After the massage I was given one and a half liter of warm water , which I was supposed to drink . Even though my bladder could no longer endure the pressures from within, by the time I rushed back home .....I went back every week for more of those massages.

Though the massages were painful, it promised energizing each and every cell by removing the blocks that have piled in our body!

Here is a small video of a Taiwanese foot massage, which brought back memories.


1st Mate said...

About the foot massage...did it work? Were the desired results achieved, or did they just turn you into a masochist?

Maddy said...

1- Sadly, I dont eat desserts like ice cream, though I enjoy the palada & semiya payasams
2- I have never had a massage - foot or body, dont ask me why..who knows - someday!!

so i read what you said, with interest..maybe a sukha chikilsa at kottakkal after a few years!!!

Sharmi said...

I too love all those desserts while someone massages my legs heheheh...
so when are you starting a food blog.
hey I love doing the acupuncture thing for my legs.

Naveen said...

delicious desserts.... & foot massage .... u know i love both ...:)

diyadear said...

my god i wud be tickeled to death if i gave my feet for a massage..
but icecreams.. oh yes im ready for them any time :)

krystyna said...

Foot massage - it is what I like and what I do too. This is my job, specially I'm working with pain back/neck.
Foot massage is perfect and helpful to keep a good health.

Have a great, blessing day!

SG said...

Never had a food massage like that but have had similar desserts all the time..Yummm...My current favourite is frozen yogurt from PinkBerry

Bharathy said...

Would love to have that cup of relaxing dessert!!Where is the recipe dear?;)

Jyothsna said...

I love getting a foot massage after I've walked a few miles....and some dessert with it, bliss!!

MyVision said...

Somehow desserts like ice cream never fascinated me... instead, the traditional payasams are always welcome...

have heard and read about foot massages... never tried... but have experienced the feel a bit, when i used to walk on the stones bare foot (you know where :) )...

harimohan said...

i read the post only now ,i too have a sweet tooth ( my boss used to say people with a sweet tooth have a good heart )about foot massage even seeing he video i could feel the tickling and giggling

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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