Saturday, September 29, 2007

The'ga" of Sadhana

The "Ga" of my Sadhana is that I am a " Chrysalis". Try to recollect what you learnt in your biology class in school. ....
Doesn't Chrysalis sound familiar? An adult butterfly lays eggs , which hatches into a caterpillar. Caterpillar swallows and accepts all the greenery that comes its way ..shedding its skin every now and then. It later transforms into a chrysalis or pupa before evolving into a beautiful butterfly.

I remember learning the life cycle of a butterfly in school, but now, I am relearning it. Today I am not forced to memorize the process of metamorphosis in a butterfly, but I pause to think the powerful message it implies. Metamorphosis is not a process that is characteristic of insects or amphibians alone. Though not physically, we homo sapiens too have the innate capability of metamorphosis. Like a caterpillar we take in with greed all that comes our way. As we tread along towards growth, we shed our, preconceived notions, beliefs and image building egos...changing every moment. Then we enter into yet another new existence ....that of a pupa.....which might seem static, but is actually a dynamic existence.
A state of meditation, awareness .... moments brimming with life.
A state which makes life meaningful and worth living.
A prelude to a celebration....
a state before the flowering of a butterfly.

Like the light in total darkness which guides you find your way, the various retreats and youth programs at the "Oneness University" helped me live each moment of my life. Boredom was erased from my life dictionary, and I started living life with all intensity. Perceptions and attitude changed, and I stepped into the robe of a chrysalis.

Here is a video on metamorphosis!!! Hope all of you will enjoy!

I was delighted when my brother Naveen responded to this post with a beautiful poem.To read this poem click here.


Cynthia said...

Good food for thought, my friend.

Naveen Prabhu said...

My guess was spot on .... you have put it across in a brilliant manner.

Don't be surprised if i tell you that this post inspired me to write a poem ... check out my blog & see if you can make any head tail of it ...:)

Pooja Na(i)rayan said...

I never thought u could explain 7 stages of life any better.

J said...

I actually enjoy taking a few moments to dwell upon the metamorphosis in my life :) Waiting for "ma".

Anonymous said...

lovely thoughts...It was wonderful going through this post and each word of it was, as if just drawing towards reading more & more. You have elaborated the stages of a butterfly beautifully and related it to our life so wonderfully...Just Excellent!

Sum Raj said...

hello nanduakka,
very good explanation regarding the life cycle of butterfly.....for a sec it remains me my school days and hope even others tooo........very well written

diyadear said...

well written :)

Mishmash ! said...

Nandu, I missed your previous post and just got to read it....I think many of us, not all, were not sure what we really wanted , atlst till a certain point in life.....your posts have always more meaningful depths.


Rajeev S said...

Nandu, I did read your posts 'sa' to 'ga'.. through the sapta swaras of sadhana you are presenting the different aspects of life... love reading your posts..

Maddy said...

That was a great way to go about it,nicely explained, naditha, but shedding the cocoon is always the difficult part. Someday more of us will find the way I guess

Keshi said...

wow reminded me of the Buddhism lessons in school...Sadhana, meditation etc etc...lovely!


Bharathy said...

Another thought provoking post from Nandu!..
Enjoyed Naveen's poem too.:)..

Bharathy said...

Thanks A ton for sharing that wonderful clipping too(just viewed)!!I have a spl craze for time lapse vedios and thanks again!..:)..really enjoyed!..:D

dharmabum said...

beautiful post. i've never had a problem with boredom - whether or not i am actually doing something.

chrysalis is, incidentally the name of one of our products, something that i am mighty proud about :)

mathew said...

"Like a caterpillar we take in with greed all that comes our way. As we tread along towards growth, we shed our, preconceived notions, beliefs and image building egos...changing every moment. Then we enter into yet another new existence ....that of a pupa.....which might seem static, but is actually a dynamic existence."

loved these lines..pretty much sums up all..
cant think of a more beautiful way to put it the butterfly each stages of our growth teaches us new lessons and new prespectives..

Anonymous said...

Nice interpretation of axioms of life-- well supported with appropriate instances and artwork.Good work

Nanditha Prabhu said...

Thanks :)

in your poem you just wrote what I wanted to.... I guess thats what siblings are for!thanks re!


jyothsna , same here!

I am honored by your comment!



:)...yes only very few are sure of what they would like to do at an early age , I guess.

my vision,
mamu! thank you so much for reading all the posts in spite of your busy schedule!

maddy sir,
as you said .. let me wait for the day when my cocoon also sheds!


I think you deserve the thanks more than me! you only dragged me into this sapta sadhana!:)

wow! that sounds great!chrisalis is the name of one of your products?

Feels good when someone comments positively about the posts . thank you , mathew

sri tatsat mishra,
thank you!

Bharathy said...

I am really feeling proud for having initiating the Sadhana series!!
Thought of mentioning this after the last post!!

They are soo good that you made me say, prior to that!!

Feeling really proud!!!:)

jac said...

Simply thought evoking !

Been going through your archive when I get the time.

Keep on sharing your insights.

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