Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mother to a Friend...

Kids will be at home for nine days now ! How to keep them occupied ...? How to channelize their energy in the right direction so that they do not end up glued to the idiot box and by the end of the day are drained of all their positive thinking faculties?...

The only way was to transform myself- keep aside the role of a mother ... be a child again ...and that was exactly what I did this Navaratri vacation and I can see a lost spark brighten up my eyes and a youthful bounce adorning my gait!

Once I decided to celebrate this vacation,I rang up my friend M, who is my working companion and co founder of our Art Academy. Decision of conducting a workshop for kids was taken in unison and the remaining few days were set apart in planning our fun days. We got a few calls from parents who were willing to send their kids home ..
Having a couple of kids at home would surely increase the fun quotient and excitement.

We started getting more enquiries about our workshop and excitement and responsibilities also grew.. By the time we started our workshop, our crew members had increased from a handful to a good 21.

Time just flew and we started enjoying every minute of our workshop. We started our days with prayers and helped kids work in buddy groups consisting of different age groups. Everyday was filled with dance, games and activities which ranged from crafts to cooking.

It was a joy to see them enjoy, to see the spark in their eyes which was so contagious.
Have you ever felt so full inside your heart that you don't need a reason to smile?
Have you ever felt so light inside your being that you are not embarrassed to jump up in joy ....

That was our state those few days ....

Today as I was waiting for my kids from school, two boys came zooming in their bicycles.. shouting "aunty .aunty ...".. with sparks in their eyes and smile on their faces...They were two members of our workshop...
It was great to just be their friend and listen to their unending chatter....
may be I should stop being a mother and just be a friend.......

to see more of our workshop click 2009-09-29">here.


Thulasy Mary Elizabeth said...

Approachable mothers are always good friends.........!Nice to read read your posts....

krystyna said...

Nandi, it is a good way - be a child again.
I always did this with my kids, and now I do that with my grandkids. Kids like to play with me and I like to be kid again.

Lucky kids to have you as a "friend". Sounds it was a beautiful wacation, inpiring.
Your kids look very happy.

Jaishree Iyer said...

Entertaining your children during the holidays while they are out of school can be challenging. Here is how you can entertain children during the holidays and have lots of fun with them is a gift to yourself and to the children. And as a teacher and a Mom of two kids I feel this is the opportunity to give and receive love, friendship, and support from family, friends; It increase feelings of security, and generate positive emotions, all of which are conducive to happiness.Well Done!Inspired:)

Sum Raj said...

nice post nanduakka...snaps are too good and i am sure u and specially kids had a nice time...

Anonymous said...

Your outlook is very positive and energetic. Loved this blog.

Sum Raj said...

hey nanduakka..therez a small gift for u..plzz receive it..

krystyna said...

How are you Nanditha?

Happy Diwali - the Festival of Lights!

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Naveen Prabhu said...

nandukka .... the joy is visible in the eyes of the kids ....gr8 work ... where do you get the energy from ?

Bharathy said...

To entertain kids, you need lots of patience and high energy levels..:)
This proves you have lots and lots of them!! :)
Very well done Nandu!!!:)

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
krystyna said...

I'd like to wish you my dear friend
a lovely time
Merry Christmas
Happy New year!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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