Monday, February 11, 2008

Monday mornings.........................

It is Monday today. So what is so special? .. you may ask..just that it comes after Sunday.Sunday is the day I unwind, its a day I do not consider the clock, a day I walk past the kitchen counter , without stopping to wipe clean, a day I sit down and sip my coffee without bending to pick up the toys....
I would root myself with a book I picked from the library....and even when the day closes, I would be hooked on to the book ....way into the night. Turning the last page of the book , I would glance at the clock only to see that, I have already stepped into Monday.

6.30 am Monday

PP tickles my feet , trying to wake me up. Through the narrow gap I managed to open , fighting my heavy eye lids, I see him ready for office , waving bye. "Its 6.30 " he whispers trying not to wake the sleeping kids.
" Just 5 more minutes...." I mumble and snuggle inside the comforter ......

7.45 am

"Amma....Amma... I am hungry... give me maamam" my younger son is awake . I see the clock and jump up in bed....trying to figure out what all I need to do. I rush to wash my face and run to the son wailing behind me. I lift him up and hoist him in the kitchen counter top ...while ransacking the fridge ....I see batter...and pick up a few fruits ...


I cut the fruits for my elder son's snack box . But my younger one keeps having his fill and I give up. I grind chutney simultaneously making baby Dosas for his lunch. I rush to wake up my elder son who is deep in his sleep. "Kanna, wake up dear, you will be late for school.."
" Amma, Amma.... " I hear screams from the kitchen...I run to find him happily grinning at me. sigh!
" I need to get down , and brush my teeth...." I lift him and put him down..then suddenly see that he has bitten on all the Dosas.. and has left only bits and pieces. No bread, no batter... now what to do...?
"Amma, he is spilling water on me?
Amma, he is splashing water all over the toilet....
Amma he is using the brush to comb his hair............................................................."
I rush to the toilet......pour out all my energy "%$%$^&^&^**(*%^%^%^&^&#@##%$%^^&^&^%^%%%^&..........................."
things seem to calm down....

my elder one is in th shower... while I have hoisted the younger one in the kitchen with wheat flour.. while i rolled out chapathi... three chapathi rolls with chutney are ready for his lunch box...

Rush to my son to dress him up ... with thermals , and layers of clothing to fight the severe winter.

8.05 am

" Kanna , say your prayers and I"ll prepare your breakfast" I say
"Can I have scrambled eggs and fruit loops?" he asks...

8.07 am
"Amma, fruit loops , scrambled eggs... i want: yelled the younger one

8.08 am
As they eat their breakfast, I put on socks and boots on the elder one. .. jacket , gloves , hat all ready in hand.


I wave good bye to him as the school bus leaves for school.

I know I have already lost enough calories for the day....and looking at my messy kitchen, unmade bed , heap of laundry and a play room where I would like to see a sign "detour" ..I sit down ....and what comes to my mind is the picture of the fierce looking Goddess Kali , with numerous hands, the embodiment of power... ,Mother! I realize that was what I was a few minutes else could i have accomplished all this so soon? I think of my mother who had to rush to her job at 7.30 after juggling with her home and kids on Monday mornings...I hear her words resonating in my ears...which she often told when ever I found fault or argued with her.." You will only understand when you are a Mother!"


Bharathy said...

I agree with you Nandu..We do struggle and do our best as a mother,as a wife...but dont you think our mom's did even a better job those days??I agree with your mom she said we realise things and understand them better only when we ourselves become mothers..don't we??

jj said...

Lovely post! my mom had enough trouble with one... it was like a walk down the memory lane... and I miss those days *sigh*..
Respect 'Motherhood'... one of the most beautiful roles god gifted a woman. Hats off to all wonderful mommies who manage so many things, yet never grumble...
if that was the past, this is the present.. what's gonna be the future?????... ( read 10 years down the line or so...even I may be one and then I may realize too)

Lakshmi said...

I think being a home maker is taken for granted ..

bee said...

those sound like adorable kids!!

Naveen Prabhu said...

i just remembered those days when amma used to seem eternaly busy ..& now u ..... where does the energy come from ......

give the mankads a big umma each on my behalf ..

krystyna said...

Hi Nandi!
I understand you and I couldn't imagine how you can find the time to write your beautiful posts.

I visited your great Website today.
It was my wonderful time!
Very beautiful and I know more about you now.

krystyna said...

I wish you a happy, healthy and lovely day!

Cynthia said...

After reading your post, I wanted to sit down only to realise that I was sitting down. Whew, you moms are busy.

Anonymous said...
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Maddy said...

not fair - the way you wrote it makes fathering look silly..i think we pops have to get together and plan a response...

just joking, keep on with the great job..

Nanditha Prabhu said...

very true...i appreciate my mother more now :)

welcome to this place...thank you for your comments.:)

may be yes...but as long as the person is happy being a home maker and has self respect, there might not be any problems... whether people take you for granted or not.

yes! I know I am blessed!they are adorable!

i have given the mankads ummas from ur behalf:)


:)...i am glad for these busy mommy moments.

hey kalyan, first I didn't realise it was you? aapne name chang kar liya?

he he he... waiting for some pops to get together ...I suggest you relay your comment to your wife and see and hear what she replies...that would be my reply!:)
thanks anyways:)

harimohan said...

ha ha ,made me remember premila doing all this and me helping out for names sake as my children got ready for school ,but once they become bigger as mine are now things get easier ,the kali with multiple hands was visually great .

Dhanya said...

That was a wonderful post.. Guess this is the same routine every mom would go through.. But when u see the adorable kids, I am sure you won't mind doing it either.. alle? :)

mathew said...

awesome post..just reinforces my admiration for all mom..i often wonder now how amma managed two of us inspite of the fact that she was a working woman..the struggles we faced was mediocre compared to what they went through..

diyadear said...

hey how r u???(i can see how u were on mondy ;)) And about the last line.. oh!! all moms say the same thing right.. i've heard it from my mother a thousand time and within a small interval of 4 months after marriage even from my mom in law :D

Vidhya said...

Hi Nanditha, Nice post. I'm glad that my kids can now take care of themselves.. I simply cant forget the days I have carried my daughter ( less than a year old) all through her waking hours, the minute I put her down she would commence wailing! I can proudly say that I did everything single-handedly for an entire year (literally!!) Time flies...Kids grow up... Thank God for the small favors!!

Prashant said...

Nice post....
I can imagine how my mother did all this and more for me and my sis...

My kisses to the mankads too.. ;)

Jackfruit said...

I should agree I find it difficult to pack myself up to office every monday... hats off to all moms. :)

Clarissa said...

Motherhood strikes me as such an enormous accomplishment (i come from a family of 10 and only 2 of us chose to have kids of our own). Lovely post! Thanks.

Susan said...

Fruit Loops! LOL! One of your youngsters cries for Fruit Loops, and I'd like to whine for baby dosas. : )

Nanditha, you can capture the sweetest moments of being a mother despite the enormous energy and commitment the role requires.

Pradeep Nair said...

Hi Nandita,
Momhood is considered such a task mainly by moms who have a job. Mainly because by default housework is assumed to be the mom's work. Once you take that way -- like in many houses today where a maid does that -- momhood and pophood come to the same level.

Lotus Reads said...

Hi, Nanditha!

I just loved the peek you gave us into your Sunday and Monday morning, it brought back a lot of memories from when my kids were young. NOw that they are 16 and 13 and tend to do most of their stuff themselves (including making their b'fasts and packing their lunches) I miss those frenzied, hectic Monday mornings (never thought I would actually say that, lol!)

I truly enjoyed reading this post and I am very happy that your kids say prayers before they leave for school.


Nanditha Prabhu said...

people tell me that i am going to miss all this halla bulla when kid grow old enough to take care of them selves...:(

yep, i do not crib on what i have to do... when we see those cutie pies:)

mathew, i really don't think i can do half of what my mom has done for me:)

nice to see you after so long.. i think all moms tell that... i cant repeat it to my kids as they are two boys:)

i can understand what you must have gone thro.. but as you said time flies.... and our kids grow so fast:(

red devil..
mankads are waiting for you to come ...


family of ten:)..OMG...hats off to your parents:)

just drop in and baby dosas are ready for you...

unfortunately i do not have a maid here in the US...And i did not intend to compare pophood and momhood.. i FEEL EACH IS UNIQUE IN ITS OWN WAY.. i WAS JUST TRYING TO CAPTURE THE FEW MOMENTS during the busy mornings.. so that i can sit and laugh at them some time later:)

yep, i try to instil some routines i was taught in my childhood of now they say their prayers in the morning...

krystyna said...

Hi Nandi!
Hope you are well.
I wish you good health and many blessings!

Vaidegi J said...

a typical morning scene i would think brought out well with your words. :) you have a nice slow leisurely way of writing, sort of peaceful but interesting. a variety of topics too. shall come back for more.

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