Saturday, August 18, 2007

Standing Meditation!

"Are you ready?" said one of them.
"Hmm....I think so....What am I suppose to do?" I en quired.
"Do nothing! Just stand still" came another voice.
"Ok" I replied thinking that it would be an easy job....JOB? .....yes.. it was a job.. I was supposed to be paid at the end of the day!

Thus I started to work....I stood still staring straight.....And In turn I saw many pairs of eyes staring back at me....
Who doesn't like to be noticed ? ..And I was being showered with all the attention anyone could aspire to in a foreign land!

Now let me share with you the story of how I landed up at this job ....a job where you are supposed to do nothing.

It all began in one of the Japanese classes which was offered to foreigners in Japan. We were nearly 20 students from different parts of the world and we were initiated into this language by three Japanese ladies.
One of our teachers was especially kind to me and would praise me every now and then , leaving me a bit embarrassed. One day she came close to me and stood there just smiling at me. I greeted her and reciprocated her smile ...but I felt she was not satisfied . She continued staring at me .....After a while she asked me whether she could make a portrait of me . This was an unexpected question .....She was part of a painting group and her group would invite me to their painting school as a model for painting! I would be paid too , once they finish the portrait.

That is how I landed at this interesting job!....Interesting .....only for a while....My legs started aching nose started eyes started drooping.....but the enthusiasm that reflected on the faces of my friends made me carry on . Each minute seemed to be stretched to infinity...

.I realized doing nothing was not easy! Our mind tries to invent new things all the time ....that when it was supposed to shut still kept on talking as a matter of habit! ... I realized this was the best opportunity to slow down my mind by shifting my attention to my body....I tried relaxing from my feet upwards....I could feel a latent energy come to life in each and every cell of my body...the life force was rejuvenating me and I was enjoying it.....I seemed to have stood still for quite some time.....but it was now a meditation I enjoyed....aching legs, itchy nose and drooping eyes were no longer issues....

This is the snap I took with the artists at the painting school.

As I returned home that day I was feeling fresh and new!....May be we should meditate on any job and really live life...


MyVision said...

I enjoyed reading this mail. As a person who has experienced the power of meditation, I am sure, you would have really enjoyed it, once you have manifested your model 'job' to loving it and experiencing it as a meditation.

You have brought out a powerful message through this post. Any boring activity can be made very interesting by trying to look at it in a positive manner and then enjoying every bit of it.

Your posts carry deep messages Nandu. Well done.

Naveen said...

"nice job" i thought just after reading the post ..... it is only when i tried it out for a few minutes that the problems came to the fore ...... i'm also on the look out for the "switch off" button ... so i'll try out your method ....
how lond did u have to stand by the way

Asha said...

dear nandu,
we enjoyed your post. "good job". standing without moving is very difficult. but you done it.

Sharmi said...

Nandu, You look the prettiest. I did standing once for 6 hours when I had to pose as durga in Kolkata. It was thrilling.

damodaran said...

nandukka you are very lucky that u had a rare chance to stand & meditate, once we start enjoying the difficulties, no longer it will remain as a difficulty...thus we can enjoy each & every moment.....

krystyna said...

Hi Nanditha Prabhu!
Really fantastic post and great job you did!!! Great lesson about meditation! I never forget it!
Thank you so mmuch!

krystyna said...

"my kids en quire about him as they are praying for him everyday...innocent prayers will e answered faster!
love to kevin."

Thank you and to your sweet kids for praying everyday for Kevin's health.
I believe too that innocent prayers make a miracles.
Peace and Love be alwayes with you and yours!

Jyothsna said...

How true. The most mundane activites can be so enjoyable. My boss at my first job told everyone who joined, "If you look at work as drudgery, it will always be a burden. If you look at it as play, it will always be fun."

diyadear said...

ha ha yeah standing still doing nothig is also a tough job.. nice pic u have here :)

Maddy said...

well well - a poser eh? reminded me of paris , picasso and all that for some reason, but coming back to the subject, meditation, someday i will learn how to do that. Any easy methods??

timepass said...

Lovely posts Nanditha. This is my first time at ur blog. Got to know a lot about Japan.

Nanditha Prabhu said...

My vision,
Thank you MAMU.

switching off the button is not easy....
but its nice to give it a try!i don't clearly remember how long i stood. I only remember that i had left home in the morning and came home only in the evening...we just took a small break for lunch.


U were standing as Durga for durga pooja? in kolkatta, it must have been a grant event rt.?

it was a nice experience!

nice to know that u enjoyed the post.How is Kevin recovering?
He is still in our prayers!!!

your boss has taught you a good lesson.any activity can be made enjoyable by changing our attitude towards it!

Thanks, yaar!

Maddy ,
yes i was poser for a day!!!
and enjoyed all the attention that goes along with the job!
i am not an expert to give tips for easy short cuts to meditation .but what i have always felt is do what ever you do whole heartedly and that would be meditation...but that too is not that easy for us....rt.?

time pass,
welcome here. thank you for dropping by. keep visiting!!!

Mishmash ! said...

Hey Nandu....ur posts not only project your travel impressions but those impressions are revealed here with a totally new aspect and in-depth meaning to it....As always throughly enjoyed it. Hey, You look very pretty :)