Thursday, August 2, 2007

Food for thought!!!

Act One ; Scene I

An exhausted mother rushes to feed her baby yelling at the top of her voice!!!
She has prepared the home made baby food.! ..squatting down with her bundle of joy, who is concentrating more on her opera, the young mother now tries to feed her with a spoon. And there! the whole spoonful, is all over her face giving her a free facial.
The yelling baby is distracted by a few musical toys....
mouth wide open in awe and wonder , the mother tactfully pushes spoonfuls of baby food, down the infants throat.

Act One Scene 2

The chubby infant has grown into a naughty toddler...
Its almost lunch time and the mother wonders how her child is surviving without a morsel of food!
The mother switches on a favorite cartoon. the child beams with joy and squats in front of the idiot box, eyes not blinking, glued to the screen.
mouth wide open in awe and wonder, the mother once again tactfully pushes down spoonfuls of meals , down the toddler's throat.

Act Two , Scene 1

Its eight in the morning , and the child is still not up. Mother is anxious ," what if she goes to school on an empty stomach? ". She is at her daughter's bedside with a full glass of milk... and even with out waking the child... the milk is poured down her throat.
Mother's face beams with satisfaction. No more fussing over food in the morning! sigh!....

Act Two , Scene 2

The whole family is having dinner.The daughter is min
utely examining the texture and smell of food in front of her
" Have you still not learn t to eat fast?" ....parents simultaneously pounce upon her.She gulps down the remaining food...and leaves the scene!

Act Three, Scene 1

Mother is in kitchen... trying not to waste the left over food stuff and munches any thing and everything she puts her eye on from the plates to the counter tops to the fridge! .....unaware... she is being transformed into a waste bin.

Act Four , Scene 2

The daughter has grown up to be an adult....she has hoisted herself in front of the laptop, on a couch.....her favorite program is running on the television.
Her forever companions( a whole lot of snacks) are loaded beside her. Her mouth , her hands , her ears , her eyes.. all are at work!

Does this ring a bell somewhere?
Have we ever realized or thought about ... the simple act of eating?
Have our taste buds , ever been able to taste food?
Now as we are heading towards busier schedules and strenuous life styles... are we not killing the simple joys of eating!

Take a deep breathe. relax! use all your senses, eat slowly! feel the food in your mouth justice to your taste buds ... enjoy your food..... try it once....!
let this be your meditation.....I am not joking! the mere act of eating can open doors of spirituality for you......I am not going to lecture on spirituality here.. don't worry....
but let this be your food for thought ..." when you eat a banana.. EAT A BANANA.... and when you drink water .. DRINK WATER!"


Naveen Prabhu said...

wonderful "food" for thought you've provided here ..."awareness" of ourselves.... our actions and surroundings ... that's what we missout on as we rush through our apparently busy lives without

Keshi said...

wow excellent post with such a neat message!

FOOD for thought indeed.


Ardra said...

thought provoking post...
and I just wanted to mention that i wouldnt be too worried even if you did lecture abt spirituality- I'm all 'ears'- or should I say 'eyes'?

and was very happy to see your footprints on my page...

mathew said...

beautiful post as the point perfectly..

how much the mad rush has deprived us of the simple pleasures in life!!

Mishmash ! said...

A topic with lots of depth.....and well written as awlays....

In my case i feel and enjoy the food so much so that I can see some extra-unnecessary pounds here and there :P so the lesson is probably feel the food and work out regularly too ...I practice only the first part :D


Sindhya Govind said...

Nice one..Very thought provoking post..These days, we think "eating" to be yet another chore..but the fact is, it is NOT!

Tys on Ice said...

How true! the simple act of being aware of every action of yours is a daring and fulfilling way to live your life. I guess thats wht you call living in the moment..

great writing

Bharathy said...

Very true!!!
Dads eating away and leaving home in a hurry-burry way...Kids with the junk,and moms(neverthlessly)pushing in the left overs...:)...

diyadear said...

hmm that sure is a strong point.. we always make it a point not to eat in front of the tv. its the worst habit..

Nanditha Prabhu said...

yes, we are hardly aware of what we do.,, and miss out on living!

thank you! I am happy if i was able to give you a food for thought .

you are honoring me when you say that you are all eyes and ears ....even if I go on ...
thank you!

yes.. i feel we mis out on the simple pleasures of those moments would be true joy!

I know you feel food.. how else could you give us such beautiful and tempting food blog!I am your admirer!

yes eating has become a mere chore today.

Hip Grandma said...

Even without food being a priority my waist line is ever on the increase.What will happen if I start relishing it?? :-((

Li'l Lite said...

very true!

Unknown said...

well said ...not only the food ..the message applies to many more dimensions of our fast food life .....keep the blog on!

J said...

That is some food for thought!! Except that in my case, I seem to relish every morsel and it really "shows"!!!! :) Need to hit the gym...

Nanditha Prabhu said...

cynthia ,
thank you.

tys on ice,
yes, you have got it right ! i believe every simple act if lived fully can enrich our lives.

i think that is the life unfolds in every house hold today..:)

me too! i stress upon eating our meals together....and tv is a sure no no!

Maddy said...

the food chain is funny indeed - the two types - eat to live or live to eat - like the simple art of breathing that we all forgot . Today we need guru's like Yogi Ramdev who teach us how to breath!! why do we stray away from these simple facts of life?

Vidhya said...

Nandita, its really been months since I relished a good meal. Its always "gulp something down and get back to work", not realizing that all the work is for the morsel of food that we fail to relish!!

krystyna said...

Great post! Our eating habits and kind of food are most beneficial for our spirit and our brain too.
Not only for our body.

food for thought ..." when you eat a banana.. EAT A BANANA.... and when you drink water .. DRINK WATER - it is a smart first step to change a bad eating habits.

Nanditha Prabhu said...

hip grandma,
what i really meant was to create an awareness when you eat!I feel we can stop worrying about our increasing waiste line if awareness dans on us!so why not relish it?

little light ,
thank you!

welcome!keep visiting !

if my write up has been a food for thought....i feel good about it!

why do we stray away from this simple acts of life?
this needs some thought!
our livs have turned so complex that simple acts are taken for granted!...wish this scenerio changes,it can transform our whole attitude to life!

we just do not realise that we are missing simple joys in the rat race of life!

yes food is not only for our is also for our soul...this indeed is a topic for yet another post...i might come up with something...
thank you for your comments!i love visiting your blog. its very refreshing!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for kind words.
Keep up your great work!

Susan said...

We eat for all sorts of reasons, many of which have nothing to do with hunger and nourishment. Nanditha, this was really good, funny and poignant.

Pooja Na(i)rayan said...

I have stopped telling my kids eat fast. I am letting the enjoy what they eat now