Monday, June 18, 2007

The Power of Now!

My five year old son always has an incessant energy when it comes to books! I had the notion that repetition results in boredom . But my son taught me that it was not so . He is never tired or bored when he has to read the same book again and again . The same buoyancy and curiosity reflects in his whole being each time he reads the book . I too experienced similar feelings when it came to reading the book , “The Power of Now “.

ECKHART TOLLE'S “The Power of Now “ is surely something more than a book . Its a treasure you can cherish your whole life time . I am very grateful to little light for having tagged me . According to this tag I'm supposed to write the 5th paragraph of page 123 of the latest book I'm reading .

This is not the first time I'm reading this book . Each time I read this book I was able to unveil new horizons .Even now as I'm glued to the computer typing about this favorite book of mine , I'm able to feel an inner silence and the ever glowing presence of Being radiating through me . I salute this great master Eckhart Tolle for having rendered this enlightening book to humanity .

“The Power of Now “ does not weave a story . Each of us can relate to this book , and reflect on our own story . I was so much touched by this book because I felt it resonated something which I already knew . Just keep your baggage of worries and anxieties aside , say no to your prejudices and judgments and read this book with your total being . You cannot read this book at a stretch . It compels you to reflect and contemplate after every few pages .It is an experience!

Now , the tag , the 5th paragraph of page 123..........

Love/hate Relationships

Unless and until you access the consciousness frequency of presence , all relationships , and particularly intimate relationships , are deeply flawed and ultimately dysfunctional . They may seem perfect for a while , such as when you are “ in love “ , but invariably that apparent perfection gets disrupted as arguments , conflicts , dissatisfaction , and emotional and even physical violence occur with increasing frequency . It seems that most “love relationships” become love/hate relationships before long . Love can then even turn to savage attack , feeling of hostility , or complete withdrawal of affection at the flick of a switch . This is considered normal . Th relationship then oscillates for a while , a few months or a few years , between the polarities of “love” and hate , and it gives you as much pleasure as it gives you pain . It is not uncommon for couples to become addicted to those cycles .Their drama makes them feel alive . When a balance between positive / negative polarities is lost and the negative , destructive cycles occur with increasing frequency and intensity, which tends to happen sooner or later , then it will not be long before the relationship collapses . It may appear that if you could only eliminate the negative or destructive cycles , then all would be well and the relationship would flower beautifully ---------- but alas , this is not possible . The polarities are mutually interdependent .You cannot have one with out the other. The positive already contains within itself the as yet unmanifested negative . Both are in fact different aspects of the same dysfunction. I am speaking here of what is commonly called romantic relationships ------ not of true love ,which has no opposite because it arises from beyond the mind .love as a continuous state is as yet very rare---- as rare as conscious human beings .Brief and elusive glimpses of love , however , are possible whenever there is a gap in the stream of mind .

I will feel blessed if I have been able to inspire at least one person to read the book and feel your Being and transform yourself .
Listen to this talk by the spiritual master author , Eckhart Tolle .

I am supposed to tag 5 people.... so I tag ,naveen , susan , maddy,keshi and diyadear .Take it up only if you would enjoy doing it .


Li'l Lite said...

Fantastic Nanditha!!!Very well written.. i really want to read this book :)

Keshi said...

aww Nanditha I have done this one b4 :) The book I had next to me then was a C# (.Net) book...and Im sure u wudnt wanna know it's contents...LOL!

ty sweetie!

dharmabum said...

thats a good book, really. some of the western authors are quite smart - i believe they've learnt much from the east. where the really score is in their 'packaging' - in the form of a book or whatever, something that can reach the common man.

Cynthia said...

In a word: inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

Bharathy said...

Yes ,Nanditha,true love is simply not that "alltime-hugging".Some cool fights are needed :) to enhance any relationship..:)..
Will def go for the book!!I am sure I 'll like it as it seems to be much like my fav..Men are from Mars..
Nice Post,Nanditha!!:)

Maddy said...

thanks, that was nice - will pick up the tag, actually just finished a book and will start the next soon..

Susan said...

I'm hardly a kid, yet I see I have the reading habits of a child. : )
I've read a good many books repeatedly, some directly after the last page and others after intervals of varying lengths. I never get bored, either, because you can't possibly pick up every nuance the first, second or even third time. It's always with fresh eyes. You are not the same person you were when you last read the book however long ago it was.

Nanditha, I will do this meme, but I'm back-logged with other posts. I also read books simultaneously, so it'll take some time to select the best one with the best text on that certain page.

Pijush said...

Nanditha, Thanks for visiting my blog, your one is excellent. This one is very well written and nicely expressed.

Nanditha Prabhu said...

A little light , thanks dear...for tagging me and also for your comments!

Keshi , needn`t take it up if you have done it before!

Dharmabum , yes it is a really good book . I was attracted to it not for the packaging , as you said .. but for its real quality . As you said it can easily reach common man !

Cynthia , I am happy that I COULD INSPIRE YOU.

Bharathy , do read it ! I`m sure you will enjoy it !

Maddy , looking forward to your post.

susan , we need to have the child like quality in us to learn more ... will look forward to your post dear!

piyush , welcome to my blog! and thank you!

Ash said...

I found this to be a very difficult book. Could never go beyond the first 20 pages or so.

But now, after reading your post - i will give it one more try:-)

mathew said...

i havent read this book..but my mom is a big fan of this book..and insist that i should read it..but I never got to read this..

All Is Whole said...

I swear , this is an amazing book!!!!!!!!!

diyadear said...

hey nanditha.. will surely take up the tag.. ty..

Sindhya Govind said...

I haven't read the book..but would love to read it!

Maddy said...

hv taken up your tag!! check it out