Sunday, April 24, 2016

Wish I could Tell You!!!

Wish I could tell you ... how I have taken off!!!
Taken off from the earthly sphere .. to drench in the Divine...

Wish I could tell you... how my heart feels enlarged..
Large enough to accommodate the Blissful other World!!!

Wish i could tell you... why I blush now and then...
My face mirrors my thoughts, which gushes out at your thought!!!

Wish I could hold you tight... and take you along in this beautiful voyage called Life..
For I dont want to be alone anymore! when I finally disappear fully into that Divine Light!!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

My flowering heart! ... Dedicated to my soul sister!!!

Little by Little.. The petals open...
Slowly steadily... spreading its fragrance
Fragrance of Love and friendship!!!

The petals zoom out large filling up the whole space...
In my heart! yes in my little heart!

I know not to breath,
I know not to smile,
I know only love and friendship!!!

I tasted that joy! I felt that love...
When our Souls met and embraced...
With blessings from above"

Thursday, February 25, 2016


For the past two days I have been watching two cockroaches peeping out from below the sink in my kitchen and beneath the washbasin in my bathroom. But any move from my side and they vanish. I have never been using insect repellents like Hit as I came to know that they not only harm cockroaches, but also the ants that feed on them and it is also harmful to the environment. Broomstick was my weapon.
Yesterday, my ten-year-old son came running from the bathroom at the sight of a cockroach. Arming my weapon, I was on my quest for the little trouble maker and finally spotting him, I targeted by weapon just on time for the little creature to be left motionless. Feeling happy to have finally waved goodbye to the cockroach I went on to prepare hot dosas for dinner.
My son was sitting with the plate of hot dosa and sambar with intense pain on his face. When I went near and patted him he just burst out with incessant sobs. I was clueless, on what had gone wrong.
 Then in between his sobs he announced, “I don’t want dinner!”
 I sat next to him, held him close and ask him what happened. With even louder sobs, he said I can feel the pain of that cockroach, Amma!”
It took a while for me to pacify him with reasons like the diseases the cockroaches might spread and if I had not hit it on time the number of coackroaches should have increased…. All the while I had started feeling guilty.
 I could then see my little one offering prayers for the departed soul … I too sat down before the altar asked forgiveness for my act and prayed for the soul of the cockroach!
 I saw and felt compassion in the tears of my little one.

 When he snuggled close to me at night and dozed off to sleep with an empty stomach I felt a lump in my throat, drops of tears, trickled down my eyes, and I felt blessed…

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Will "IT" pass???

I waited for “it” to pass…! A strange feeling that had crept inside during the recent floods…!  
A feeling born out of the face to face dialogue with bitter truths about life which had directly or indirectly affected us. 
The permanence of change, the uncertainty of the so-called reality, the fakeness of put on smiles… all these and a lot more made me realize the Shakespearean words, “all worlds a stage, all men and women merely players…”

I was not a direct victim of the flood, but in many ways I have not escaped it;
 I am in many ways a flood victim…A flood victim with a dry home, a safe roof, a loving family, and enough supplies…but still a flood victim.
 I am still waiting for “it” to pass…! Unable to decipher what that “it” is.

Opening my heart and hearth for the flood victims has made me one among them…! 
“It” has urged me to raise many life questions…Questions on what has to stay, what has to pass, what has to be valued and what has to be ignored! 
My answers to these and many more are evolving with each passing day!

Life is moving on… Schools offices resumed! I even gave two performances, my Center is back on track…
But inside I am still the flood victim who is waiting for “it” to pass…

 Will "IT" pass???

Saturday, October 10, 2015


I love change. Not a day in my life is similar. The transience of Life and permanence of change helps me to embrace life with thrill that I look forward to everyday. I was able to find meaning and joy in even the mundane things in life. In folding clothes, cleaning my cupboard, sipping tea, early morning walks.

I have always been aware of the changes and shifts that occur within me as an individual. Though it might not be visible to the outside world, I was able to experience ripples in the calm and serene waters of my mind. The change came after I owned my smart phone. Smart phones are no more a luxury today. They have become an extension of our hands. What was developed as a pure business tool in 1973 by Dr. Martin Cooper has today brought about a lifestyle shift.

I remember, fifteen years back, during my two year stay in Japan, I was surrounded by people who were addicted to their gadgets all the time. It was a time when mobile phones were still unknown to me. I kept wondering, how anyone could keep staring at these gadgets and not see the world around. There I was in another part of the world, among strangers, and I still did not feel the necessity to update my parents on my daily pursuits, my whereabouts.  Life was simple, when fortnightly phone calls satiated the moral needs of dear ones.

Today life has changed… Sigh!!! Communication has improved they say! Has it? You save time they say! Do you? You are smarter with a smart phone they say! Ehh??

Phone to me was only to make urgent calls and sending necessary messages. Ownership of a smart phone and exposure to the various apps saw a shift in my mindset. A touch on the phone was enough to bring home my groceries, to replenish my wardrobe, to update my library, to hire a cab, to find a new address. Life suddenly became a luxury and my smart phone suddenly became an extension of my hand. This was not just my story, but the story of every other person I encountered. Life started and ended with the phone. It brought together many old friends and together with it many old memories. The simultaneous presence in the real and virtual world made life more complicated. My thoughts bombarded with the outpourings and thoughts of many others who were so far away from my real world. The love, care and attention from this virtual world became suffocating. Putting my phone on silent mode did not help… as I was searching for the silent button to my thoughts. The smart phone had stolen my ‘me’ time and I already felt like a stranger to me…!!! My walking time, my reading time, my cooking time, and my family time was all interrupted. I knew what I was missing as I had already tasted the joy of simple living, the joy of starting my day with a walk in nature and ending my day with a quite book.

I have almost lost touch with myself… How then has Communication improved? I am unable to devote my time fully to anything… How does it save time! A walk in the vegetable market, bargaining with the vendors and auto rickshaw drivers and finding my way on my own through the meandering city roads are only memories, I wish to relive… how does this make me smarter??? Points to ponder indeed!!!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Bird and the Wind

Once there was a daring bird, who soared up in the sky,
With hopes and dreams of days unseen, with faith; She did fly.

The joy and bliss of freedom, she loved its very taste
Higher and higher, further and faster; She flew with urgent haste.

As she perched, lazed and wondered; Whoop! Came a wind strong,
It brought with it a fragrance- sweet; from lands far and beyond.

An urge in her to soar with the wind, to soar to lands unknown…
To smell, to taste, to see it all… Hopes of future sown.

The sturdy wind then sang to her, It’s audacious life, it’s song…
Its vibes did spur a chime in her; And She gently sang along.

Songs of Hope, songs of faith, Songs of friendship strong
They sang in tune, songs of love, and they gently flew along.

They crossed the oceans, they crossed the seas,
They flew up mountains, they flew with ease.

As their voyage went on; and many years passed by,
“I need my nest, I need some rest!” Chirped the birdie, to her guy.

The gusty wind and the chirpie bird, flew down to build their nest
Two tiny eggs she laid in them, they hatched and they felt blessed!

“I need to move,” said the wind, “to soar, I was born!”
“I’ll tend our nest and the little ones!” said the birdie, “Please move on!”

The wind and bird went different ways, still singing songs of love,
To unravel destinies, to meet their fates, to receive what life endows!

Their hope did live, to sing in sync and soar up side by side,
To feel, to live and love their life, and through it gently glide!  

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

She danced for Her Lord!

Yes, she was a Devdasi…And she danced for her Lord!
As the clock struck 12 and the temple grounds welled
As Bells went DONG, and each heart swelled
Bejewelled, bedecked she danced for her Lord.

The sky looked down with its twinkling eyes
 The crowd watched her, that moonless night
 The haunting rhythms, the swaying gait…her search was on
 As she danced for her Lord, that sleepless night!

She spoke aloud with her language soft…
Could anyone decipher...? She knew not…
She looked past them, and still went on…
With each spoken gesture, she was reborn!

Awesome! Wonderful! Enchanting! … They said
 Bouts of jubilation, she hardly felt
For she had already entered that zone
Of blissful existence, a dancer adorns!

Then, she walked in the temple corridors,
Towards her Lord with her bells still on...!
He stood there vibrant, energetic, and complete
Fully awake, as the next day dawned!

Chants, hymns, bells and aarathi…
She stood gazing at Him for long
As she gently closed her eyes,
She felt Him within, his magic was on…

She felt complete, filled to the brim
With something, she knew not what…
“Yes! I am a Devdasi”, she felt…
And how can I not dance for my Lord?